6 Things Every Office Manager Needs to Do Right Now to Achieve Work-Life Balance

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Oftentimes, our work takes precedence over everything else in our lives. Creating a harmonious work-life balance can be challenging but it is essential to improve our physical, emotional and mental well-being. Off the Cusp - Patterson Dental blog. Share. Tweet. Share.

What is the DSO Model in the Dental Industry?

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Some dentists may want a better work/life balance while others prefer to have the business side of dentistry managed by someone else. Affiliation data is proof that the DSO model works for some, but not all. Healthy work-life balance .


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8 Essential Factors to Consider Before Joining a DSO

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How will the DSO work in tandem with your front office staff? . Given that many dentist owners look to the DSO option to gain more work-life balance, it’s also important to set and understand mutual expectations. You’ve worked hard to build your practice.

How to Manage Stress as a Dentist

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Bottom-line: stress is part of life so learning how to manage it as a dentist should be a top priority. . Is it the amount of weekly work hours? . Take a moment to ask yourself these questions and identify if any other stressors you’re aware of in your life and career as a dentist.

Can You STILL Be Happy in Private Practice?

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They believed corporate groups could provide a better “work-life balance” than they could enjoy as owners of a private practice. You can either have work-life balance and less income as an associate, or you can have a higher income while drowning in work as a practice owner.

COVID-19 Brings Big Changes on the Employment Front

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Although life is the closest it’s been to normal since the pandemic began nearly 2 years ago, some things seem to have permanently changed, mainly employment.

Did I make a mistake going into dentistry?

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I don’t know if I like it and how do I know I will like it for the rest of my life? This, in turn, will help people feel better about themselves, not having to go through life with “bad teeth” in this world. Work-life balance. By Sienna Greene, DMD.

Can the 9 Dimensions of Wellness Reduce Physician Burnout? 

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Overtime, our ability to remain resilient can diminish due to increased stress, difficulty circumstances, and life events. Setting and achieving your career goals, dreaming of your ideal work/life balance. By: Savanah Craig.

What are the Benefits of Being a Dentist?

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Working with your hands. It is a good feeling working with your hands. Along with working with your hands, you have opportunities to be creative at times. I once worked with a dentist who looked at dentistry like she got to do arts and crafts all day!

Top 5 Mistakes New Dentists Make

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You need 3 types: A cheerleader who can pick you up when you’re not feeling/believing you can do it A top 2%er who is crushing it in the exact dental life lane you want A contrarian who sees your blind spots. Had I just attained the practice loan first, life would have been easier!

Heartland Dental Announces Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives

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While we are guided everyday by our core values to honor, collaborate, and respect each other, we are equally deeply committed to a generous list of initiatives that we are backing with a financial investment to solidify our work."

Tips from top dentists on dental school, leadership, and more

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It’s about working smart and being efficient, not just working hard. When you find study methods or strategies that work, stick with it but also remain flexible and open to new ideas or suggestions from others including friends, faculty, or mentors. By Dr. Alisa Johnson.

Highlighting the Women in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Symposium


During the 2021 virtual conference, the theme of the symposium was amplifying these underrepresented voices in surgery while addressing leadership, mentoring, work-life balance, negotiating contracts and many other topics.

Resources to help jumpstart your way to professional practice


Many dental students try to imagine what life will be like after graduation. The profession has a long history of employing protocols and protective equipment to safely provide care in their work environments. But no one imagines starting their career during a pandemic.

Top 5 Things for DSOs to Consider Before Acquiring a Dental Practice

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And with the pent-up demand of patients who have been putting off visits to the dentist, it’s foreseeable that as patients return , they may require more advanced work. How is work-life balance maintained or not maintained? .

Dental Career Track Pt. 1: Fundamental Advice for Dentists Early in Their Career

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But the advice for dentists early in their career is to focus on those things that establish a strong foundation for your life in dentistry. Achieve a healthy work-life balance. Career and professional goals are best when kept in the context of a well-managed life.

5 Things You Can Do to Ride Out the Hiring Crisis in Dentistry

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Many employees left the dental workforce for various reasons , including concerns about workplace safety, the desire for more work-life balance, or taking early retirement. Having a good working relationship with your staff members means keeping the lines of communication open.