Social Media vs. Digital Marketing for Doctors

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A Guide to Understanding Why Doctors Need Both Healthcare Marketing Strategies. The prevalence and number of sites and platforms has made social media an important part of healthcare digital marketing strategies. Why Physicians Need Social Media Marketing.

Raise Your Medical Practice’s Digital Marketing During COVID-19

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While competitors are pausing their digital campaigns, there is no better time to outperform them, so that you can have an extra digital edge when things get back to normal. . This is also a good time for medical practices to understand their digital marketing performance. Executing Digital Marketing During COVID-19. Here are some important tips that will guide you through the necessary marketing requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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5 Tips to Take your Ophthalmology Marketing Strategies from Good to Great

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Despite the changing market landscape, a significant number of ophthalmologists haven’t embraced digital marketing as a tool for customer acquisition. Why you need marketing if you are an Ophthalmologist. The benefits of online marketing for an ophthalmologist include; 1.

Med Rank Interactive’s 2020 Year in Review

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Nominated as a Top Digital Marketing Agency & SEO Agency. Med Rank Interactive was nominated for Top Digital Marketing Agency in Charlotte 2020 and Top Rated SEO Agency in 2020. We rolled with the changes and started our own healthcare digital marketing podcast.

Lamar Hull featured on the QC Life WBTV News

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Blogging Press Release digital marketing for dentists QC Life WBTVRecently, Med Rank Interactive’s CEO and Founder, Lamar Hull was on QC@3 to share tips on how to find a good healthcare provider during COVID.

Gaining Ground: The Medical Professionals Charlotte Magazine Featured Med Rank Interactive

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MRI’s Founder and healthcare marketing expert, Lamar Hull was invited as a guest columnist where he talked about the power of the internet in marketing medical practices. Titled, “Today’s Marketing Strategies for Medical Practices” , Hull discussed the major shift from traditional to digital marketing. The purpose is to let medical practices realize the potential they have with digital marketing in reaching their targeted market and potential patients.

How Patients Search for Doctors

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Being on these review sites helps to expand your digital footprint and make you more visible to potential patients. With 86% of the search engine market share , Google is the master of all search engines and the gateway to knowledge for internet users. Search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that helps you rank higher on search engines to ensure your targeted audience can find you. Experts in Healthcare Digital Marketing.

ADA TV for Amazon Fire TV – Now Even More Ways to Stream

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Device-level control ensures that each connected monitor (TV) can simultaneously display separate, customized playlists built to educate, entertain, and market your practice. ADA TV app is now available on the Amazon Fire TV! .

Online Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Practice

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Digital Marketing Strategies to Expand Your Practice. Your guide to strengthening your marketing. What does it take to tailor your online presence and marketing strategy to truly grow your dental practice? Drive Website Engagement with Video Marketing.

Best Branding and Logo Design for Your Dental Practice

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Branding gives your practice an identity and integrates a comprehensive strategy that includes your logo and all your print and digital marketing collateral. How to Market Your Dental Brand. Defined and purposeful to support your marketing goals. “It

Discover the Most Popular e-Forms Solution in Dentistry: truForm™

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Blog HIPAA TruForm dental blog dental branding dental marketing Dental Practice Marketing Dental SEO digital marketing paperless office Website DesignDiscover a new way to register your patients: truForm. Making it easier than ever to keep records.

Best Dental Website SEO Tips for 2021

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This is most apparent in more competitive dental markets where search intent is more specific. Best Dental Website SEO Tips for 2021. 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine.

Best Dental Websites 2020

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Industry leaders in dental web design and practice marketing, our PBHS teams help dentists increase new patient appointments and grow their practices. The Best Dental Website Designs of 2020.

Keeping Up with Google: Is Your Dental Website Ready for Voice and Visual Search?

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If you market your dental practice online, you are surely familiar with SEO (search engine optimization). It has been the foundation of digital marketing for decades. Blogs Marketing strategies Practice management Websites blog marketing Practice Management SEO websites

Contactless Patient Intake

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If you haven’t yet welcomed digital online forms into your patient registration process, it’s not too late to begin. Collect e-signatures and legally accepted printed digital signatures. Contact-Free Patient Intake.

Dental and Medical SEO Best Practices 2021

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As a dental or medical practice, local search should be an important part of your digital strategy. Good SEO campaigns include a digital knowledge management system that keeps your practice website’s information updated. Dental and Medical SEO Best Practices 2021.

Instagram and TikTok, the Dental Social Media Marketing Trends 2021

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The 2021 Dental Social Media Marketing Trends. TikTok is a social media platform that dentists and dental specialists will want to incorporate into their social media marketing efforts.

How Social Media Helps Maximize SEO for Your Dental Practice

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And since social media marketing helps build brand awareness and an audience, it boosts SEO as it increases the likelihood that people will click on your content in Google’s search results. So, as you expand your social media marketing, make each post count.

5 Ways PBHS SEO Keeps Your Dental Practice Visible on Google

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Contact your PBHS SEO team to discuss your SEO and online marketing strategies. How can your dental site be seen on Google? Tips on Keeping Your Practice Visible on Google. Where does your dental or medical practice rank on Google for your top procedures and services?

5 Must Read Dental SEO Tips About Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

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To ensure your dental practice is successful with SEO, your traffic is increasing, and Google’s new core algorithm update is not taking a toll on your ranking, book a consultation with one of our PBHS marketing consultants today. Blog Google Search Engine Optimization dental branding dental marketing dental search engine optimization Dental SEO dental website content dental website design digital marketing Search Engines SEO SEO tips Website Design

Top 5 Reasons Your Practice Needs Google Ads

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Digital Marketing For Dentists SQUIRREL! Digital Marketing tends to be the worst for “shiny new widgets” and due to new technologies popping up everywhere, how.

The Power of Infographics for Healthcare Marketing

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With eye-catching images and colors that pop, infographics continue to grow in popularity and usage for digital content. From catching your readers’ attention to creating a call to action, discover the impact infographics can have on your digital marketing strategies.

Benefits of a Medical Practice Being on the First Page of Google

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Medical and dental practices fall into the misconception that they only need to set up their websites, create social media profiles, put up content on their blogs and list their services on the Internet to fully utilize the benefits of digital marketing. .

Med Rank Interactive Considered One of The Best SEO Companies in Charlotte

Med Rank Interactive

MRI landed in the top 14 along with other distinguished SEO companies in Charlotte based on industry experience, market presence, client portfolio, certifications and authorship among other ranking considerations. Numerous websites and organizations have also acknowledged MRI as a leader in digital marketing in Charlotte and North Carolina. Being recognized for excellence in the digital marketing field is no easy feat. We Understand the Market.

Why dental practices need to know about zero click searches

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While it seems Google is intent on limiting search traffic, dental businesses must be laser-focused on their digital marketing strategy. NEXT READ: Infection control as a part of your marketing efforts. By Sean Hamel.

Why Your Dental Marketing Doesn’t Matter

Your Dental Marketing Sucks

Often, when I consult with clients who are struggling with getting enough new patients or repeat business, they typically point the finger of blame at their marketing. You know, their brochures, SEO, digital marketing programs, signage, website, or other tactical elements.

How Smart Dental Practices Are Using Social Media In 2021

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Here’s something you hear a lot: “You need to be using dental social media marketing in your practice.”. Why do dentists rely so much on dental digital marketing? Digital marketing for dentists will only become more important as time goes on.

Online Reputation Management For Dental Practices


So in today’s era when the most number of clients are looking for dental solutions online (a whopping 77%), one can easily assume that business reputation is no more on the billboard stilts but on the digital highways.

3 Powerful Assets To Supercharge Your Dental Social Media Marketing

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These 3 powerful dental social media marketing tools are a sure way to reach new patients , retain current patients, boost revenue, and build a strong reputation in your local area. To see profits from your dental marketing, you need a plan and strategy.

Healthcare Marketing Predictions: A bold Guide to Crushing 2021

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With a new year on the horizon, it is time for healthcare practices to review their marketing strategies and set goals for 2021. 11 healthcare marketing trends for 2021. Since the boom of Facebook, social media has become a new way for marketers to reach customers in a personal manner.

Build A Strong Reputation For Your Dental Practice

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2020 brought with it a huge shift to almost exclusively online digital marketing. There has never been a better time for dental professionals to transition from traditional dental marketing to online dental social media marketing.

Why Building Your Medical Practice With Local SEO Produces One of the Highest ROIs

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You would agree with me that in this digital age “trust is earned when actions meet words”. In digital marketing terms, we can refer to words in many ways–articles, tags, keywords, reviews, user-generated content, keyphrases and many others. SEO is a digital marketing strategy that increases the number and quality of visitors to a website. . That being said, local SEO is a better way to market your practice online.

5 Orthodontic Marketing Ideas You Can Do This Month

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If your practice is not utilizing social media in your orthodontic marketing, you are missing out on significant growth opportunities. Traditional orthodontic marketing just isn’t cutting it in today’s digital world.

5 Dental Marketing Tips to Increase New Dental Patients in 2021

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A beautiful and interactive dental website and dynamic online presence is what distinguishes your dental practice from the competition and should be an integral part of your comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Blog COVID-19 Dental Marketing TruForm Website Design

RevenueWell Completes Acquisition of PBHS


RevenueWell, the Chicago-based developer of Dental Patient Relationship Management and Communication software, today announced it has completed its acquisition of PBHS, the ADA Endorsed leader in digital marketing for dental and dental specialty practices.

Social Media for Dental Offices: The Secret Weapon

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And if you’re starting your dental practice’s digital marketing strategy with less than 100 social media followers, as we suspect many reading this post are, how are you supposed to build your online presence in the first place?

How to Pivot Your Medical Practice to TeleHealth During COVID-19

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Healthcare Digital Marketing Podcast. This episode of the Healthcare Digital Marketing Podcast covers the impact that COVID-19 is having on Dr. Ahmad and his interventional pain management practice. Outside of this, I think I’m looking at my marketing all over again. The stuff that I’ve been doing with you guys: the digital marketing, my website, checking those things out that maybe I don’t have time to sit down and look over yet.

PPC Best Practices for 2021

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PPC is a form of paid digital marketing that places your practice right at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), above the organic search results; immediately enhancing your online visibility and driving more qualified patients to your practice. 2021 PPC Best Practices.

9 Ways Dentists Used Social Media To Reach Patients During Quarantine

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That’s where dental practice marketing stepped in. Digital marketing for dentists has been on the rise for years but in 2020, digital marketing became the only way to reach patients. Download dental social media marketing post ideas here.

Keep the Operating Costs of Your Private Dental Practice Healthy

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And yet doing so can have an impact on employee salaries, benefits, investments in marketing, facility, and technology upgrades, and more. Optimize your marketing strategies. Marketing your services is a top operational priority. “Beware of little expenses.

5 Ways To Reach New Dental Patients Using The Internet

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If you are not using digital media and the Internet to grow and build your dental practice, it’s time to bring your marketing strategy up to speed. Your dental marketing efforts are headed in the right direction. Dental Social Media Marketing.

How to Take Ownership & Transition to Teledentistry During COVID-19

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Healthcare Digital Marketing Podcast. This episode of the Healthcare Digital Marketing Podcast focuses on how COVID-19 is affecting Dr. Dastrup and his dental practice. We discuss how Dr. Dastrup of Dastrup Dental is communicating with his staff and his patients and how he is utilizing teledentistry and marketing mediums to keep his practice moving forward. Google My Business and Digital Marketing.

How to Manage Your Dental Practice, Team, Operations, & Marketing During COVID-19

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Healthcare Digital Marketing Podcast. This episode of the Healthcare Digital Marketing Podcast covers the impact that COVID-19 is having on Dr. Haynes and his multi-location dental practice. Lamar Hull: That gave me the chills because that’s a whole other marketing strategy of that grand opening. The post How to Manage Your Dental Practice, Team, Operations, & Marketing During COVID-19 appeared first on Mri.