Restorative dentistry's future hinges on bioactivity and more

Dr. Bicuspid

Bioactive dental materials have boosted the longevity of restorations and improved clinical outcomes for patients. While exciting bioactivity developments are in the works, stem cells may be the true future of restorative dentistry.

Formlabs Launches Permanent Crown Resin, Further Digitizing Restorative Dentistry

Dental News and Technology

The introduction of these new materials empowers dental offices and labs to further digitize restorative dentistry and offer patients 3D printed long-term restorations such as fillings, crowns (“caps”), bridges, and implants.


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Can Restorative Dentistry Protect Your Dental Health?

Broomfield Dentists / MountainAire

Fortunately, with restorative dentistry, extreme health issues can be avoided. This is how dental restoration can protect your health. . What is Restorative Dentistry? . Fortunately, the science of dental restoration has evolved for the better.

Perfecting the Art of Radiant, Long-Lasting Restorations

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More than a just another dental procedure, restorations are an artform. Performing beautiful, lifelike restorations requires a tremendous amount of skill, expertise and attention to detail. First and foremost, you want your restorations to look amazing — while also looking true to life.

Are Dental Implants Painful?

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They’re one of the most popular types of dental restorations because they’re a permanent solution. The abutment is a piece that’ll connect your implant to your restoration. Then finally, your smile will be restored!

Fuji Legacy “Evolves”

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In the world of so many generations of materials and multiple clinical approaches, how to properly seat a restoration for clinical success and longevity can be quite a dilemma. For retentive restorations, they offer the best balance of ease of use, speed, and protection.

Smoking and Dental Implant Failure

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Studies have shown that smokers… The post Smoking and Dental Implant Failure appeared first on Gilreath Family Dentistry. Dental Implants Restorative Dentistry Dental Implant Failures Smoking and Dental Health

Getting to the Root of Common Teeth Problems

Modern Family Dental

Bad Breath Blog Cavities General Dentistry Restorative Dentistry Teeth CareAlthough much of the focus surrounding teeth involves the appearance of teeth, common dental problems typically extend past visible issues to underlying concerns.

Beyond the Block: Techniques and Materials Critical to Achieving CAD/CAM Success

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Earlier in my career, I had a few years when I was doing CAD/CAM dentistry routinely. It was frustrating that the technology was not living up to what I hoped for, and I eventually just gave up and went back to analog dentistry. Delivering the restoration. Decisions in Dentistry.

Dental Product Shopper Product Evaluation: Patterson Primary Molar Stainless Steel Crowns

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Dental Products dental product shopper pediatric dentistry pediatric practice restorations restorative dentistry stainless steel crownsOff the Cusp - Patterson Dental blog. Share. Tweet. Share.

Post Operation Root Canal Care

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Diseases and Treatments Restorative DentistryIn a mission to save your tooth from an extraction, a root canal treatment can be done when still possible. That is the goal of dental care, to maintain your natural teeth and its optimal function.

What Will CEREC Tessera Blocks Mean for Your Practice, Patients and Team?

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Will the restoration last for years to come? The addition of virgilite creates a robustly reinforced, high-density restorative material that’s designed to last. And when the restoration is ready to seat, there is the option to either cement conventionally, or use adhesive bonding.

The Process of Getting a Same Day Crown

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A dental crown is a restoration that might be recommended when a tooth is moderate-to-severely damaged. These restorations are designed to give you a smile that is beautiful and functions properly again. . Make an Appointment with Mountain Aire Dentistry .

How Dental Restoration Can Protect Your Health

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Here’s how dental restoration can protect your health. . Why Do We Need Dental Restoration? . What is Dental Restoration? Restorative dentistry is a term that signifies the integrated management of oral health problems and restoring the mouth to a functional and esthetic state.

A Conservative and Esthetic Approach to Anterior Restorations

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Reestablishing a patient’s lost natural dental esthetics is one of the most important goals of modern dentistry. Indirect restorative techniques in the anterior. Indirect composite restorations using modern materials. Fabricating the indirect composite restoration.

What you should know about bioactivity

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To some experts, bioactivity is the most exciting advancement in restorative dentistry in the past 20 years. Read more on Related Reading: Restorative dentistry's future hinges on bioactivity and more.

Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

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This restorative dental option is the closest you can get to healthy, natural teeth. Dental implants are the only dental restoration option that preserves natural bone and helps stimulate bone growth. Look younger: Dental implants are the only dental restoration option that preserves natural bone, helps stimulate bone growth, and prevent bone loss. When performed by an experienced dental implant doctor, the procedure is one of the safest and most predictable in dentistry.

What Do I Do if My Crown Falls Off?

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General Dentistry Restorative DentistryIf your dental crown falls off, don’t panic. Losing your dental crown isn’t an emergency, but you’ll still want to make an appointment to have it fixed. Our dentist will either repair your broken crown or fit you with a new one.

Bioactivity and exceptional esthetics with Activa Presto - Sponsor Supplied

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Restorative dentistry's future hinges on bioactivity and more

Dental Implants for Missing Molars: What Patients Should Know

Harmony Dental Care

Patients will experience improved smile aesthetics and restored ability to eat foods as they normally did before tooth loss occurred. Keep in mind that getting a bone graft or gum graft will come at an additional cost, and extra time will be necessary to heal before the implant dentistry process can resume. Learn More About Implant Dentistry. Dental Implants Missing Teeth Restorative Dentistry

Dental Implants for a Front Tooth – Jackson, MS

Harmony Dental Care

As soon as tooth loss occurs, you want to make sure you have a plan set in place to fill the space and restore your smile. Below he explains the dental implants for a front tooth and why they make a great option for restoring smiles. Implant-supported restorations provide durable, aesthetically pleasing results and operate much like natural teeth. Restored dental function, equal to natural teeth. Dental Implants Restorative Dentistry

Dental Implant and Osseointegration Success Tips

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Additionally, this fusion provides the most stable and durable foundation for a full range of dental restorations, including dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures. Without osseointegration, dental implants will never be secure enough to anchor dental restorations. Dental Implants Restorative DentistryDental implants have revolutionized treatment for missing teeth.

The of History of Dental Implants

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The history of dentistry is a history of innovation. Major innovations in implants dentistry occurred in the 1700s and 1800s. Further innovations in implants dentistry have occurred in the decades since Dr. Branemark’s discovery. Dental Implants Missing Teeth Restorative DentistryIt’s also a testament to how much people care about the health and appearance of their smiles.

Zirconia shines in review of systematic reviews

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Zirconia received satisfactory marks in a new review of systematic reviews of the restorative material. Read more on Related Reading: Case study: Using technology to restore a tooth with a failing amalgam.

Podcast: What you need to know about an OSHA inspection

Dr. Bicuspid

Dr. Kristine Aadland on best practices for restorative dentistry in the wake of COVID-19. PPE and more: 8 tips for pediatric dentistry success in the wake of COVID-19

Why this dentist believes so strongly in minimally invasive dentistry

Dr. Bicuspid

Troy Schmedding has built a practice focused on minimally invasive dentistry. He also discusses why he believes minimally invasive dentistry offers dentists an "exit strategy" with their patients. Case study: Using technology to restore a tooth with a failing amalgam.

What You Should Look for When Searching for a Dentist

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There are often new advances coming forth in the field of dentistry, which is ever-evolving as technology moves forward. Dr. Hardin was named one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry by Dental Products Report.

Makeover Your Smile with Same Day Crowns 

Broomfield Dentists / MountainAire

A dental crown is a type of restorative dentistry that Dr. Robert Berry might recommend if your tooth is moderately-to-severely damaged. These restorations are a way to restore your smile to optimal health and function. Restore a significantly damaged or decayed tooth.

Patient Recall Marketing Webinar Series: Power Your Patient Comeback

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The practice, named Lake Minnetonka Dental, has a keen focus on efficient, esthetic restorative dentistry. Off the Cusp - Patterson Dental blog. Share. Tweet. Share.

Success Simplified: Cementation


Important advances and innovations in dentistry have changed the way we treat our patients. Dental Cements in 2021: Still the key to success and longevity.

Can A Lozenge Rebuild Tooth Enamel and Whiten Teeth?

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

The concept of a restorative and preventive lozenge may be closer to becoming a reality if clinical trials led by a team of University of Washington (UW) researchers yield positive results. .

Study of UK dental professionals reveals extent of occupational risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection

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Corresponding author Professor Thomas Dietrich, of the University of Birmingham’s School of Dentistry, adds: “Critically, only 5.3%

A Functional Smile is Possible Again with Full Mouth Restoration

Broomfield Dentists / MountainAire

If you have a smile that has been severely decayed or damaged, Mountain Aire Dentistry can help. We can restore your smile with a full mouth restoration. Read on to learn when our dentist, Dr. Robert Berry, may recommend full mouth restoration.

Dental Veneers or Bonding – Which One Should You Get?

Denton Dental Center

The placement of veneers requires multiple appointments because your dentist needs to remove a small amount of your protective enamel and take an impression of your teeth so the restoration can be crafted.

Bleeding Gums Aren’t Normal (Get the Truth!)

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We offer periodontal therapy, cleanings, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and more all under one convenient roof. Comprehensive Dentistry bleeding gums dental routine dental tips Gum Disease oral health Periodontal Disease receding gums

Has Your Filling or Crown Become Loose?

Denton Dental Center

When teeth become damaged by decay or injury, restorative dentistry provides a solution other than removing the tooth outright. Your filling or crown feels loose Increased sensitivity in the tooth with the filling, especially when exposed to hot or cold stimuli Pain or swelling near the restored tooth Receding gum line near the restored tooth You’ve had the crown or filling for over 15 years. Benefits of Replacing Your Restoration.

Extraction with an electric motor-driven handpiece may still cause subcutaneous emphysema - A case report

Dental News and Technology

Journal of Dental Sciences Available online 24 November 2020 In Press, Corrected Proof What are Corrected Proof articles?

Study Suggests Causal Link Between Periodontitis and Kidney Disease

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

A study led by the University of Birmingham School of Dentistry in the United Kingdom suggests a causal effect between periodontal inflammation and kidney function.

Do Dental Implants Really Make a Difference?

Denton Dental Center

He has completed advanced training in many specialties, including implant dentistry. He is passionate about restorative dentistry and uses the latest treatments to help his patients achieve their best smiles.

Dental Fillings Give Your Teeth New Life

Polkadot Dental

If your kid’s tooth has suffered considerable decay, it might be time for some restorative dentistry, including tooth fillings. Dental fillings are a restorative dentistry treatment that usually follows another treatment like pulpectomy or root canal. Here at Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry, you will find a team ready to help your kid’s teeth be as healthy as possible.

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Join Dr. Chad Duplantis, Dr. Troy Schmedding, Dr. Joshua Austin, myself, and host Dr. Mike DiTolla as we navigate a discussion about how to improve composite restorations and restorative dentistry.

When Should You Go For Veneers In Blackburn?

Healthy Smiles

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you must be in the processing of researching cosmetic dentistry. You may have come across veneers in your search for popular cosmetic dentistry services. What Are The Different Types Of Sedation Dentistry In Blackburn.

Do I Really Need to Replace My Back Tooth? Beverly Hills Tooth Replacement

Secure Smiles

An implant can stop surrounding teeth from shifting and deteriorating while simultaneously restoring your ability to chew and talk properly. Beverly Hills Restorative Dentistry. Young children aren’t the only ones who lose their teeth.