How Sedation Dentistry Can Benefit You?

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While the cliché perception from the earlier days continues, you should know that the facts in modern dentistry are far off from your insight of it! Thanks to sedation dentistry, this is not the case any longer!… … The post How Sedation Dentistry Can Benefit You?

About All-On-Four Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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With the advances in modern Dentistry, Read More. A few decades ago, it was very common for dental surgeons to perform excessive extractions to solve oral health problems, without a restorative plan.


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Pacific Dental Services Partners with Commonwealth Primary Care ACO to Improve Health Outcomes and Reduce Medical Expenses of ACO's Medicare Patient Population

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Still University Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health, commented on the partnership by saying, "The U.S. In July 2021, we launched Union Village Modern Dentistry and Union Village Medical Group , our first fully integrated medical-dental practice in Henderson, Nevada.

The View From Inside

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We wanted to bring them in, show them all that modern dentistry has to offer, and turn them into high dental IQ patients who take responsibility for their oral health and consequently also garner general health benefits. The future of dentistry is bright, but it will not write itself.

Pacific Dental Services Surpasses Major Milestone in Same-Day Dental Restorations

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As the first milestone of its kind in the dental industry, this achievement illustrates PDS' commitment to clinical excellence through modern dentistry with advanced, proven technology. Our goal is the ensure our supported clinicians have the ability to offer their patients the most advanced, proven technology that enables convenient and comprehensive dentistry. Dr. Stears has been using CEREC CAD/CAM in his general dentistry practices for nine years.

Diet Matters More than Brushing for Strong Teeth. Here’s Why.

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Ancient vs. modern diets. Sadly, modern dentistry has invented many ways to work around a problem that makes cavities the #1 preventable chronic disease in the world. Ancient vs. Modern Diets. What’s missing in a modern diet? What’s missing? The role of saliva.

What to Know About Dentures vs. Dental Implants

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Thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, there’s no need to be embarrassed about your missing teeth. Advancements in modern dentistry have made dentures more natural than ever, and most people cannot tell the difference between real teeth and dentures.

Pacific Dental Services and American Diabetes Association partner to increase awareness of the link between oral health and diabetes

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PDS also pioneered the concept of Modern Dentistry so that dentists are equipped to combine advances in the latest technology with the best operational practices and procedures, highly skilled support staff and a commitment to ongoing training and education.

A brief history of African Americans in dentistry in honor of Juneteenth


As we approach Juneteenth on June 19 and begin paying homage to prominent African Americans in dentistry, it is nearly impossible not to think of Dr. Robert Tanner Freeman, Dr. George F. The Howard University College of Dentistry was established in 1881.

Pacific Dental Services Launches College Advancement Program, Offering Eligible Employees Full Tuition Coverage for Undergraduate Degrees

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PDS also pioneered the concept of Modern Dentistry so that dentists are equipped to combine advances in the latest technology with the best operational practices and procedures, highly skilled support staff and a commitment to ongoing training and education.

Full Suite of Innovations from Carestream Dental Opens New Treatment Options for GPs, Takes Teams from Case Start to Finish Faster

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Whether it’s implants, clear aligners or even sleep devices, there’s no denying that modern dentistry requires massive amounts of data—data often in the form of large image or design files that must be either shared with referrals or sent to labs for manufacturing.

Laser Gum Surgery: 5 benefits you should know about

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Laser treatments are a modern alternative used in dental care to address a number of oral concerns, such as hypersensitivity, gum disease and tooth decay. Laser gum surgery at Hardin Advanced Dentistry.

Fighting Back Against Dental Anxiety

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Remember that modern dentistry is full of conveniences and comforts that didn’t exist for our parents and grandparents! DENTAL PHOBIA AND anxiety are pretty common, affecting more than one in every ten Americans.

Straumann Group and Aspen Dental Management, Inc., partner to offer dental implants and prosthetic solutions to over 1,000 locations across the U.S.

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At a time when dental implants are playing an increasingly important role in dentistry, partnering with Straumann Group will not only be instrumental in achieving our long-term strategic objectives, but also benefit the patients who turn to Aspen Dental and ClearChoice for their dental care needs." Agreement expands access to innovative products, integrated digital workflows and education for Aspen Dental and ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers ANDOVER, Mass., Sept.

Scared of the Dentist? Try Sedation Dentistry in San Antonio

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The great thing about modern dentistry, however, is that it has found ways of bypassing patient’s fears and helping to make the experience much more pleasant. What Is Sedation Dentistry In San Antonio? . If you’re worried about going to the dentist, sedation dentistry can help.

Why Are My Teeth So Small?

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Fortunately, with advances in modern dentistry, dentists can help their patients get the beautiful smile they desire. They say that our smile is our letter of introduction, which is why many people today dedicate a lot of time to taking care of their teeth.

Do This if You Want Confidence, Health, & Beauty in Charlotte, NC

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As the best and most affordable dental care provider in Charlotte & Concord , Modern Family Dental Care wants to remind you that you deserve the best things in life and that your dental health is essential. Get the Smile You Always Wanted With Modern Family Dental Care.

Delivering bad news

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Modern dentistry can do some amazing things, but getting people to choose that is the difficult part, in my opinion. Most dentists have gotten really good at the delivery of bad news. Most of us are pretty good at explaining our findings in a dispassionate way. We’re supposed to explain what we’re seeing, recommend different treatment options, explain the pros and cons of each option and then let the patient ask questions and make a choice.

10 Steps to Promote a Culture of Patient Safety

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While patient safety has long been paramount to modern dentistry, the newest challenges posed by COVID-19 have inspired many practices to review their policies and procedures. Off the Cusp - Patterson Dental blog. Share. Tweet. Share.

When Should You Consider Dental Implants For Your Missing Teeth

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Dental implants are a solution offered by modern dentistry that will help in replacing missing teeth. Are Sleep Dentistry and IV Sedation the Same? Dental anxieties are no longer a hindrance to dental treatments or dental visits, thanks to sleep dentistry and IV sedation.

Why Smoking Can Have A Negative Impact On Dental Implants

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It is a wonderful option that modern dentistry has provided for us. If you have been looking into tooth replacement options for yourself, there is no doubt that you have heard of dental implants.

Dental Implants – Frequently Asked Questions

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They are the closest simulation to your natural teeth that we currently have in modern dentistry. Being a dentist for over twenty years now, a lot of my patients have asked me numerous questions about dental implants.

Teeth Implants For Your Front Teeth – A Complete Guide

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Modern dentistry has come a long way in making cosmetic dental implants for missing front teeth. If you are suffering from a missing tooth, you are not alone.

Dental Implants VS Real Teeth – How do they compare?

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Dental implants have revolutionized modern dentistry, and have become the #1 choice of tooth replacement options for people across the country. So many people with missing teeth are looking into getting dental implants.

Envista Obtains FDA Clearance for Assisted Intelligence Mandibular Nerve Tracing


We are seeing more and more artificial intelligence systems enter into the healthcare space and dentistry in general. company Pearl and how that company's FDA clearance was a watershed moment in dentistry. The tracing of the mandibular nerve in modern dentistry is of high significance as it influences the available therapeutic options for the patient. Envista is a large player in the dental space, owning several companies under the "umbrella" of Envista.

What is NuCalm? The Drug-Free Alternative to Sedation Dentistry


Here at Batchelor Dentistry, we take a lot of pride in helping people get the care they need without fear, stress, or worry. Instead, it may be influenced by factors like: Poor experience at the dentist as a child Fear of the unknown Fear of pain A feeling of lack of control during the appointment Embarrassment about your smile Modern dentistry is different Dentists today aren’t like the dentists of 15 or 25 years ago.

Uses, Dangers & Side Effects of Fluoride in Water & Toothpaste [2020 Update]

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Fluoride has always been a controversial topic in the world of dentistry, and as a dentist, I’m going to make a bold statement that may surprise you: I don’t think you need fluoride. Before it became known as the miracle of modern dentistry, sodium fluoride was just industrial toxic waste. That’s right—contrary to what the CDC , American Dental Association and Academy of Pediatrics say, fluoride is not the miracle of dental health it was sold to be.

What Are Dental Implant Healing Caps?

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The Ultimate Place for Full-Service Dentistry in Houston. If you’re considering dental implants , you have probably heard about dental implants healing caps being used. Maybe you don’t recall your dentist bringing up this approach, and you’re a little concerned that you’re being left out.

A Patients Guide to Same-Day Dental Implants: EVERYTHING You Must Know!

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However, dentistry has advanced in many areas, including dental implant options. Here at Best Dental of Houston, we are on a mission to provide everyone with a more educated experience while exploring the possibilities available through modern dentistry.

Anatomage Spins Out its 3D Dental Technology Business As Osteoid


Osteoid will focus solely on 3D dentistry solutions, including the award-winning Invivo 3D dental imaging solutions, as well as its Invivo Workspace cloud-based platform, and solutions for precision surgical guide fabrication. Osteoid is on a mission to deliver the future of modern dentistry, and I’m honored to lead such a customer-driven team,” said Calvin Hur, CEO of Osteoid. “We

A Conservative and Esthetic Approach to Anterior Restorations

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Reestablishing a patient’s lost natural dental esthetics is one of the most important goals of modern dentistry. Indirect composite restorations using modern materials. Nanohybrid composite restorations: dentistry’s most versatile solution.