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18 Best Practices for Online Patient Form Design

Oral Health Group

Learn more about the best practices for designing digital patient forms. The post 18 Best Practices for Online Patient Form Design appeared first on Oral Health Group.

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5 Best Practices to Retain the Patients in Your New Acquisition

Dentistry Gone Digital

Implementing best practices can make a substantial difference in helping retain the patients in your new acquisition and existing team loyalty and trust throughout the transition. By: Dr. David Rice Buying a dental practice is the biggest financial decision you’ll make as a young dentist.


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Best Practice for Responding to Dental Google Reviews

My Social Practice

First, we’ll talk about the very best practice, and then step down to backup plans, should the ideal plan be unavailable. Plan A: The Dentist Responds to Patients (The best!) When a dentist from your practice responds personally to reviews, patients feel like a million bucks. </p>

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Practical Application And Best Practices For Dental Office Hipaa Compliance


Regular Updates and Refreshers HIPAA regulations and best practices are not static; they evolve. Our List of Best Practices for HIPAA Compliance Regular HIPAA Training for Staff: Ensure that all staff members in the dental practice, from receptionists to dental hygienists, receive regular HIPAA training.

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Best Practices for Patient Recall Appointments

Planet DDS

Did you know that the longer you’ve been in practice, the more important your patient recall appointments become? That’s because as your practice matures, an ever-increasing proportion of your appointments become recall appointments. Let’s get into the best practices for patient recall appointments for your practice.

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5 Dental Imaging Best Practices to Improve Diagnostic Accuracy

Planet DDS

Here are a few best practices for your practice to improve diagnostic accuracy using technology and provide better patient outcomes. . Best Practices for Improving Diagnostic Accuracy . Another best practice to help increase the diagnostic value of an x-ray is adjusting the contrast.

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Don’t Be The Best Practice….Be The Only!

Coaches Corner

Why be the best practice at what you do when you can be the only practice who does what you do?! It’s much easier than it sounds, and on this edition of The Dental Practice Fixers Dr. Rich will show you how! Why be the best practice at what you do when you can be the only practice who does what you do?!