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CannIBite – Opening New Frontiers in Oral Care and the Cannabinoid Market

Dentistry Today

This collaborative approach holds promise for the development of innovative oral healthcare products that integrate cannabinoids, offering preventive and non-invasive solutions for patients suffering from dental pulp-associated diseases.

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The Boston Globe Names Overjet’s Wardah Inam to Tech Power Players 50

Dentistry Today

Overjet has also partnered with Medicaid | Medicare | CHIP Services Dental Association (MSDA) to launch the first-ever national Medicaid Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning initiative to advance dental care quality. “I


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Dentists in Scottsdale Unveil State-Of-The-Art New Website

Rosemont Review

He says this new site goes a long way toward accomplishing that goal, ultimately providing both current and prospective patients with thorough descriptions of treatment options while conveying the practice’s commitment to safe, advanced dental care and results that meet—and perhaps even surpass—expectations.

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The Ongoing Growth and Evolution of the Top DSOs in the U.S.

Planet DDS

Heartland Dental Supported/affiliated dental practices/offices: over 950 in 37 states (according to the company website) More than 50 practices have been added (since April 2019 data) Aspen Dental/Aspen Dental Management Supported/affiliated dental practices/offices: approximately 780 in 42 states (according to October 10, 2019 press release) First/new (..)

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The of History of Dental Implants

Harmony Dental Care

In addition, new oral surgery techniques have been developed in order to improve patient recovery and increase the stability of dental implants when they are in place. Contact Harmony Dental Care Center. The team at Harmony Dental Care looks forward to your visit and discussing these matters in much greater detail.

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Benefits of Cerec® Same-day Crowns

Gilreath Dental

CEREC® same-day crowns are a revolutionary and time-saving way for dentists to provide their patients with perfectly fitted dental restorations. The technology is fast, accurate, and pain-free, allowing dentists to offer the highest quality of care in less time than ever before.