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180° Shift: How to Check if You Are Up to Date With Dental Trends?

Oral Health Group

As dentists, we have to find innovative ways to improve patient flow and revenue while juggling our time between patient care, practice management, and continued … The post 180° Shift: How To Check If You Are Up To Date With Dental Trends? appeared first on Oral Health Group.

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Patients Should Steer Clear of DIY TikTok Dentistry

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

Mimicking viral oral health trends may result in long-lasting negative oral health effects for those who try these ill-advised dental treatments at home. Vampire fangs, shark teeth, flossing with hair, teeth whitening and teeth shaving are some of the most popular TikTok viral dental trends that people are copying.


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Why Is the TikTok Trend “Veneers Check” Dangerous?

Denton Dental Center

Learn more about this prime example of dangerous dental trends from your dentist in Denton. What’s the Deal with the “Veneers Check” TikTok Trend? However, you may also see “Veneers Check,” which is the latest dental trend to plague the platform.

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Social media’s impact on dental inequality


A growing number of Americans now turn to social media for the latest dental trends and cosmetic treatments. Trends such as at-home whitening kits, the veneers check and charcoal toothpaste have captivated social media, where influencers and celebrities alike upload their vogue-ish oral care routines.

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Staying Ahead of the Curve: Implementing Initiatives to Future-Proof Your Dental Practice

Planet DDS

From contactless options to cloud-based solutions Planet DDS is a leading technology provider among emerging and sustained dental trends now and in the future. Planet DDS’s Denticon is the proven cloud-based Dental Practice Management Software in today’s market among solo private practices, private group practices, and top DSOs.

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Be Careful of Oral Health Fads

North Haven Dentists

With that in mind, there are a few specific oral health fads and cosmetic dental trends we want to warn our patients about. One person’s experience with a technique or product is not going to be universal, and real understanding of the way the human body works comes from years of study and training, not a quick google search.

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How to Practice Good Oral Hygiene at Home in Harrisonburg, VA


Just say no to Tik-Tok trends If you’re a Tik-Tok or other social media user, you may have seen some recent dental trends making the rounds. Following trends like these without first consulting with your dentist can lead to permanent damage — just don’t do it!