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6 Ways to Save Money on Professional Dental Supplies

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Ideally, to ensure that everyone involved in inventory management and supply purchasing is on the same page, the best practice is to create an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for purchasing and storage of supply inventory. As much as possible, don’t juggle product positions on shelves. Internal Efficiencies.

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Having an Infection Control Coordinator can save you money!

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The ICC is responsible for reviewing the manufacturer’s sterilizing instructions and then developing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and infection control guidelines for the team to follow. An ICC can keep your practice running like a well-oiled machine with written standard operating procedures in place.


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The 4 Pillars Of A Smooth Cloud Transition For Dental Organizations

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These include internal research and due diligence, external research and evaluation, setting standard operating procedures and utilizing vendor resources. Pillar 3: Standard Operating Procedures The third pillar to ensure a successful transition is to implement standard operating procedures to accelerate staff adoption.

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2020 Foresight: Three Ways to Increase Profitability

David Schwab & Associates, Inc.

Effective team training is focused and involves sufficient repetition and practice to make the new behaviors standard operating procedure. When team members are not sure how to proceed or what to say to patients in certain situations, patients may take the off ramp and park their decision-making process.

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How DSOs Can Increase Productivity at Dental Practices

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Establish Standard Operational Procedures : . A standard operational procedure (SOP) is a protocol that outlines how to complete a specific task per industry and company regulations. Every dental office has its own unique way of handling routine responsibilities. Some are more efficient than others.

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Mouthwatch Announces Special One Time Pricing until Thursday January 20th


We use them everyday and they are critical to our standard operating procedures. There is no discount code or anything special to do. Simply go to the webpage and place your order. I'm a big believer in Mouthwatch. If you are looking for a great intraoral camera, give them a try! Here is the link for you to find out more.

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Infections From Dental Waterlines Prompt Federal Health Advisory

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

Ensuring the dental facility has an infection prevention plan that includes policies and standard operating procedures for maintaining and monitoring water quality. Reviewing the US Food and Drug Administration’s web page on DUWLs for practice guidelines.