Are Your Dental Blogs Optimized?

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When your website is in place — custom-made, branded, and easy to navigate — it is time to jumpstart your search engine optimization (SEO) with content creation. Search engine giant Google processes more than […].

Local SEO Cheat Sheet for Dentists

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In today’s technologically driven society, where customers are using their smartphones to research facts about businesses, or medical services, it’s vitally important to implement search engine optimization (SEO).


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6 Parts To SEO Success – Just 4 Dentists!

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The same can be said for dental marketing, right down to a dental office website and its related search engine optimization (SEO) for dentists. Taking a holistic approach to SEO is a key step for any local business – in our case, dental.

Game-Changing Marketing Strategies for Oral Surgeons in 2022

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Strategies and techniques rely on popular keywords, search engine optimization (SEO), ads, user experience, and more. Design, Develop, & Optimize Your Website. People spend time online, chatting, browsing, and searching for businesses.

Social Media vs. Digital Marketing for Doctors

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Many patients also search social networks for physician recommendations. It is a way to not only gain likes but also to encourage patients to click your links, go to your website, or search for you on Google.

How Do You Know if Your Dental Practice’s Marketing is Working?

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Google / Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In our previous “Secrets of How the Top 10% Build Their Marketing Budget” article, the goal you want to strive for when building your marketing budget is an average of $100 per dental patient.

Keys to Effective Social Media for Dentists: Five Things to Do on a Regular Basis

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The posts and updates section of your Google My Business page drives Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can lead to more visibility to your page. Now that you’ve learned the basics of social media for dentists, it’s time to consider a deeper dive into some strategy.

Want to rank higher on Google Maps? Follow this local dental SEO guide

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Is there a way to improve how I rank in search engine results? This local dental search engine optimization (SEO) guide contains valuable information, videos, tips, strategies and directions on optimizing your Google My Business account.

Building Your Dental Practice’s 2022 Marketing Plan: How to Get More Leads

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from Google Search. Between 15-20% of new dental patients come from a search on Google. While it’s not as popular as referrals, Google search is still a valid way to get leads. Just think… if you’re spending $700/month on SEO, you should get around 7 patients a month!

Marketing for Dentists | Strategies to Increase New Patients in 2022

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How can a dental practice market its services using dental SEO strategies relevant in 2022? Although SEO for dentists is constantly evolving, four prime components play a vital role. Mobile search web design is a must. Optimize And Rank Higher In Google Maps.

Essential Dental SEO Tips Backed By Research

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Essential Dental SEO Tips Backed By Research. A Focus On Local Dental SEO Tips. I recently wrote an article for Dental Economics that discussed dental SEO tips. I wanted to drill down on one of the points from that article, which is ‘Focus on Local SEO.’

5 Ways to Enhance Your Website and Grow Your Patient Base

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Findings reveal that at least 89% of consumers turn to search engines like Google – the market leader – before making a purchasing decision. Similarly, approximately 80% of consumers use search engines to seek out local businesses – including nearby dental care providers.