Dental coding is becoming more complex

Dr. Bicuspid

There are 28 new dental codes for 2021. Dr. James Anderson outlines five of the most notable, in addition to detailing why it's important for every practice to have an updated codebook every year. Read more on Related Reading: Best practices bring positive results.

Becoming a proactive leader in the wake of a crisis

Dr. Bicuspid

Read more on Related Reading: Dental coding is becoming more complex. Being a proactive dentist means always looking for opportunities to enrich the practice. To recognize opportunities and be bold, one must be prepared with knowledge from the past, present, and future.

MouthWatch Names Jamie Collins, RDH-EA, BS, to Dual Role of Senior Client Success Manager and Professional Education Manager

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

Collins brings to the job over 20 years of dental industry experience. She is well-regarded as an author and lecture r and is also a practicing dental hygienist and has served as a dental assisting and dental hygiene instructor.