3 reasons to consider a dental membership plan for your practice

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Why should your dental practice look into the possibility of incorporating membership plans into your business? Jordon Comstock details three things he believes could be pointing you toward membership plans and how they could help your practice and patients.

Guest Post by Kleer: Top 10 Questions Group Practices Ask About Launching a Membership Plan

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As a result, we often hear from groups and DSOs that they don’t have the time or expertise to launch a dental membership plan across their practice locations. That’s why we compiled answers to the top 10 questions we receive from group practices about launching a membership plan.


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How to Create, Launch, and Grow an In-House Dental Membership Plan

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Even so, independence could be achieved by discovering how to create, launch, and grow an in-house dental membership plan. Dependence or independence? Relative to your insurance provider network your answer is probably affected by profitability.

What Is a Dental Membership Plan and How Can It Improve Your Revenue Cycle?

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It could be a reality when you get clarity on the question - what is a dental membership plan? You know that feeling of “breaking-free” from something that’s held you captive? Compare that experience to being set free from the “clutches” of dental insurance.

How to Discuss a Treatment Plan With Your Patients

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One of the highest-impact changes we can make in our dental practices is improving the way we discuss treatment plans with our patients. If we present treatment plans well, more patients will say yes to our treatment plans and get the care they need.

What to Say to Your Dental Patients if the Cost Is Too High

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Have you ever had a team member who was afraid to talk to patients or was not outgoing or building connections with your patients? I have had several team members like that throughout the years. Unfortunately, many team members who aren’t naturally outgoing or warm assume they have a disadvantage.

Top 5 Reasons Your Practice Needs Google Ads

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Attract more new patients Dental Marketing DSO & dental groups Improve patient retention Improve practice production Improve practice reputation Increase practice value Practice Zebra Dental marketing Dental membership plans Dental software Home page Practice zebra

Subscription revenue and why you need it for your dental practice

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Read more on DrBicuspid.com Related Reading: 3 reasons to consider a dental membership plan for your practice. Why membership plans make even more sense now. Dental patients are increasingly looking for ways to streamline their purchases and make transactions easier.

Philips, FDA provide update on CPAP device recall

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Royal Philips, Bento partner on membership plan. Royal Philips and the U.S.

Georgia Dental Association Partners with Bento to Modernize Dental Benefits

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Bento's innovative platform can build, launch and administer custom dental and patient membership plans designed to facilitate better oral care for all Americans ATLANTA , June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Bento , on a mission to transform the outdated traditional dental insurance industry, is proud to announce it has received an exclusive endorsement from the Georgia Dental Association.

DAIC study shows dentists don't agree on diagnosis, cost

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The Dental AI Council (DAIC), a new nonprofit dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry, has highlighted results from its first major study showing dentists don't often agree on a dental diagnosis or the cost of a resulting treatment plan. Dental AI Council opens membership.

How you can avoid the 'big dip' and capitalize on patient migration

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Read more on DrBicuspid.com Related Reading: Why membership plans make even more sense now. We have heard a lot about holes in the hygiene schedule plaguing many dental practices this fall. However, there is also another big thing happening with schedules in some practices: Author Fred Joyal provides insight on how to prevent patient migration from happening in your practice. More than 6M likely without dental coverage due to COVID-19.

Ask the Dentrix Expert: How do I produce our year-end reports?

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Ask the Dentrix Expert: Creating consistency with treatment plan estimates. Ask the Dentrix Expert: Setting up an in-office membership plan

Don’t Forget To Re-”Member” This!

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In-office membership plans are a hot topic these days, but are they for you? We scanned the internet for practices that have in-office membership plans and gave them a call. “I Do you think they offered up the membership plan? Dental memberships are great!


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CHICAGO, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- PPO Profits acquires Dental Performance Experts (DPE), an elite PPO claims processing and accounts receivables firm serving PPO based dental offices nationwide (terms not disclosed).

Behind The Smiles: Jordan Comstock


Today, Dr. Gina Dorfman chats with the founder of BoomCloud , a robust dental membership plan software that helps your practice create, organize and automate a dental membership program for your patients. The Amazon Prime For Your Practice with Jordan Comstock.

Building Your Dental Practice’s 2022 Marketing Plan: How to Get More Leads

Best Online Marketing Companies for Dentists

If you have been keeping up with our recent “ Building Your Dental Practice’s 2022 Marketing Plan ” series — by now, you have learned the basics to creating a foundation for meeting next year’s practice growth goals. emails and texting) into your plan.

Top 5 Ways Denticon Helps Dental Practices Get Paid on Time

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membership plans, payment plans, CareCredit , etc.) Having your front desk staff member spend time on collections efforts costs your practice time, energy, and money.

Dental practice goals for the new year: 5 opportunities for growth

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For example, a dental membership plan ensures that patients can continue receiving important dental care with the opportunity to pay in installments. Off the Cusp - Patterson Dental blog. Read Time: 5 Minute, 13 Second.

7 Great Ideas to Fill Hygiene in September, October & November 2020

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Promote Membership. Our plan was to send a series of 3 emails. Promote Membership. Dental Membership Plans are one way for you to provide these folks with an affordable alternative. The worst is behind us! hopefully…).

Claims and Collections: Create a Process That Benefits the Practice and Patient

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Automatic payment plans may be helpful for some patients. The membership plan model is starting to make some inroads in dental care, where each individual practice can design its own plan and set its own fees. Off the Cusp - Patterson Dental blog. Share. Tweet. Share.

The Truth About Root Canals


We offer a variety of payment plans and financing options, including CareCredit and our very own in-office dental health membership plan. Over the years, root canals have developed a bad reputation that’s unwarranted.

Where Do We Go From Here With Social, Racial, and Ethnic Diversity in Dentistry?

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Talk to that part of your audience that doesn’t have insurance and tell them, ‘Hey, I can still cost-effectively treat you,’…some practices could do what’s called a membership plan , giving members discounted rates on services. Dentistry delivers a diverse collection of services.