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Accelerate: Dental Revenue Workshop Revs Up for its Second Year

Dentistry Today

.” This workshop is designed to cater to dental practices of varying sizes, with the goal of sparking and bolstering their financial success.

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Claims and Collections: Create a Process That Benefits the Practice and Patient

Off the Cusp

Of course, all the payment options in the world can’t eliminate the need for effective, diligent, basic billing practices, such as: Put a due date on all bills. Electronic billing saves time and postage, and patients can simply log in and click to pay. Don’t forget the basics.


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MouthWatch Announces Integration of Its TeleDent™ Teledentistry Platform with Open Dental’s Practice Management System


About Open Dental Software: Open Dental is a HIPAA compliant open-source dental practice management software that provides on-premises electronic charting, billing, practice management, and imaging applications that's suitable for any large and small dental practice. For more information visit

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Top 5 Things for DSOs to Consider Before Acquiring a Dental Practice

Planet DDS

Since each practice is unique, find out how they manage patient relationships and look into indicators such as the percentage of recall appointments versus new patients and how well the practice attracts and keeps patients.

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Mastering Dental Practice Performance Metrics


This dental KPI is closely tracked to understand cash flow trends and liquidity within the practice. Watching collections helps uncover issues in claims processing, billing practices, or accounting that may require intervention. Any bottlenecks in insurance reimbursement or patient payments will be reflected.