Wed.Jun 22, 2022

How to code 3/4 crowns

Dr. Bicuspid

Code what you do is the rule. But first, you must know whether what you think you are coding is actually what was performed on the patient, particularly when it comes to inlays, onlays, and three-quarter crowns.

Do children get dry socket?—The incidence and pattern of presentation of alveolar osteitis in children and adolescents following dental extractions

Dental News and Technology

First published: 28 May 2022 [link] Abstract Background Alveolar osteitis (AO) is widely reported as the most common post-operative complication following surgical and non-surgical exodontia.


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A twist of fate? Believers in luck more prone to gum disease

Dr. Bicuspid

People who believe that luck decides their fate may face a greater risk of developing severe gum disease compared to those who think their actions change their destiny. The research was presented on June 16 at the European Federation of Periodontology's EuroPerio10 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Misconceptions about Dental Insurance

Dentistry Gone Digital

By: Teresa Duncan. One of the big issues that new dentists face is learning the ins and outs of insurance — it’s a lot of paperwork! A lot of dentists find themselves confused fighting a mountain of red tape. 4 Common Dental Insurance Misconceptions.

Oral lesions after vaccination may be tied to immune response

Dr. Bicuspid

Following a surge of reports of oral lesions developing following COVID-19 vaccination, researchers are trying to identify the association and are highlighting the underlying immune mechanisms involved.


How to Best Work with Patients on Clear Aligners

Dentistry Gone Digital

By: Allison Lacoursiere. Clear aligners have made themselves incredibly important to our industry in a very short span of time. Knowing how to work transparently with patients, make them aware of the benefits of orthodontics, and secure a buy-in is essential for today’s dentists.

Sinus Drainage & Pain After a Root Canal Procedure

Ask The Dentist

Root Canal Question: I had a root canal last Monday. Shortly after I returned home from the dentist, I leaned over and had a sudden gush of watery substance drain from my left nostril. It smelled just like the sodium hypochlorite that the dentist used to flush my roots. The drainage continued several times that evening. The following day, nearly 24 hours later, I was bending over and moving boxes and it happened again, this time yellow. The drainage amounted to about a teaspoon.


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NC to Decide Between Fee-for-Service and Managed Care for Medicaid Dental Benefits

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

In North Carolina, dental benefits included in the state’s Medicaid program are managed by the state, not by private insurers. This is in contrast to the medical side of the state’s Medicaid program, which has moved from fee-for-service to managed care.

3D printing: The future of digital dentistry

Off the Cusp

Off the Cusp - Patterson Dental blog. Read Time: 4 Minute, 7 Second. As the world moves in an increasingly digital direction, so too does dentistry.

The 15 Best Dental Marketing Charity Opportunities

My Social Practice

15 Dental Marketing Charity Ideas You Should Know About. Step Up Your Dental Marketing With Charities That Change Lives. One of the best and most successful dental marketing strategies is to invest your energy into cause-related projects that benefit underserved communities and individuals in need.

Does a Cracked Tooth Need a Root Canal Before a Crown?

Phoenix Endodontist

Fixing a cracked tooth can be like figuring out the damage after a car accident. If you don’t have a professional check things out, what looks like a surface dent can actually turn out to be really serious.

The 18 Best Cause-Related Dental Marketing Opportunities

My Social Practice

Cause-Related Dental Marketing Opportunities. Step Up Your Dental Marketing With Charities That Change Lives. One of the best dental marketing strategies is to invest your time and energy into cause related projects.

Allergy awareness in patient care


Allergies are one of the most common conditions in the United States. They are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness with more than 50 million people experiencing a form of allergic reaction every year.


VOCO America Partners With TeamSmile to Help Bring Healthy Smiles to Children in Need

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

VOCO is proud to announce a new partnership with TeamSmile, a national nonprofit organization based in Kansas City, Missouri, that’s dedicated to the oral health of America’s underserved youth.

Does Malpractice Insurance Cover COVID-19 Claims

The Big Brush

In general, most malpractice insurance policies — also known as professional liability insurance — can protect you against claims that involve COVID-19. However, as with all policies, there are exceptions you should know. Income Protection Entity Malpractice Coverage COVID19

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