Fri.Jan 07, 2022

Identity Dental Marketing Offers “Jump Start” Success Package

Identity Dental

TAMPA, Fla., January 7, 2022/PRNewswire/ — Identity Dental Marketing is now offering a “Jump Start to Success” dental marketing and branding package. The company’s talented team works with dental practices to develop a strong business brand and marketing strategy.

Clinical performance of and patient satisfaction with conventional complete dentures with different occlusal schemes: A systematic review of systematic reviews

Dental News and Technology

Published: January 03, 2022 DOI: [link] Abstract Statement of problem The complete denture occlusal scheme may influence clinical performance and patient satisfaction. However, a consensus on which occlusal scheme should be used for complete denture users is lacking.


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Heart Inflammation Following COVID-19 Vaccination Is Rare

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

As more data have become available following the COVID-19 vaccination of millions of people around the globe from ages 5 and older, one thing is clear: serious negative effects are rare.


Carestream Dental Responds to 3Shape Lawsuit Announcement

Dental News and Technology

ATLANTA— Carestream Dental, a provider of industry-leading digital imaging, software and practice management solutions for dental practitioners across the world, today announced that 3Shape has filed a complaint against Carestream Dental in federal court in the Western District of Texas.

Dental Plaque: Build-Up of Bacteria and How to Get Rid Of it

Broomfield Dentists / MountainAire

There is a common issue that can wreak havoc on smiles of all ages: dental plaque. Dental plaque is a buildup of bacteria that can cause dental problems. It’s important to know how plaque forms, what the symptoms are, and how to get rid of it.

Proper Dental Work Care Will Extend Their Longevity

Coshocton Dental

Modern dental restorations are not only more life-like than past generations, but also more durable. Today's fillings, crowns and bridges can last for years or even decades. But that doesn't mean you can set them and forget them—they all require some level of maintenance and care.