Sun.Jun 04, 2023

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Day 4: What the Nose Knew

Queen of Dental Hygiene

The Nose In first grade my teacher would put poems on the black board and we always had to copy them down. The one I remember to this day: My Nose It doesn’t breathe. It doesn’t smell. It doesn’t feel so very well. I am disgusted with my nose, the only thing it does is blows. If only I knew then what I know now ! Nasal hygiene may be more important than oral hygiene!

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Orthodontic retainers and retention strategies

The Dental Elf

This Cochrane review update evaluating different retention strategies used to stabilise tooth position after orthodontic braces included 47 RCTs. However, only 11 RCTs were at low risk of bias and the overall assessment of the certainty of the evidence is low to very low which means that firm recommendations on orthodontic retention strategies cannot be made.


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Beware of Budget Lights!


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Pothole Problem Solved With Dental Molds

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

In a bizarre story out of New Caney, Texas, an anonymous tip reported that several potholes on one particular road had been filled, not with asphalt, but with dental molds. The road, which is behind a newly built subdivision, experienced significant potholes during the construction phase that were not addressed by the city or county. While city and county officials were determining what entity is responsible for maintaining the road, one resident, who was not named, filled the holes full of old