WHO Declares Oral Health a Global Health Priority

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

WHO will develop a draft global strategy on tackling oral diseases for consideration, and by 2023 will put that strategy into an action plan and recommend interventions.


How COVID-19 impacted Harvard dental students


For the class of 2023, they now enter a virtual dental school classroom environment through December 2020. The United States declared a nationwide state of emergency mid-March as a result of the global pandemic that still affects us today.


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How Digitally Mature Solo Dental Practices Stay Competitive

Planet DDS

trillion by 2023. There was a time when certain things could be ignored and success was still achievable. For example, technology could be sidelined until timing improved. No more! Because today’s digitally mature solo dental practices are achieving a competitive advantage.

How Digitally Mature DSOs Achieve a Competitive Advantage

Planet DDS

trillion by 2023. The “chicken-or-the-egg?” The debate essentially revolves around what’s first. For dentistry – specifically DSOs – the discussion could revolve around being first in a digital sense.

Dentistry’s Accelerated Path to Normal

Planet DDS

In industries such as travel or restaurant, full recovery is projected to occur by 2023 or 2024, with many jobs permanently lost. Just over a year after the COVID-19 pandemic began, case counts are falling, vaccines are proving to be effective, and vaccine distribution is scaling.