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Full-Mouth Rehabilitation — What I Learned

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By: Devin Hodell. In the course of my dental residency, I completed a full-mouth rehabilitation over the course of this time, working closely with my supervisor, Dr. Nicholas Fontana, and a number of specialists.

Email Marketing in 2022

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Interested in contributing to Oral Health Group’s blog? Email for more information! The post Email Marketing in 2022 appeared first on Oral Health Group. Blogs Marketing strategies Practice management blog Email marketing Practice Management website


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The Link Between Oral Health and Overall Health: A Public Health and Economic Concern

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In a healthcare setting, evaluating and treating a person as a whole while addressing individual concerns is the way it should always be. Sadly, even in today’s world, that is not always the case.

Diagnosis of in vivo vertical root fracture using deep learning on cone-beam CT images

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BMC Oral Health volume 22, Article number: 382 (2022) Cite this article Abstract Objectives Evaluating the diagnostic efficiency of deep learning models to diagnose vertical root fracture in vivo on cone-beam CT (CBCT) images.


Tooth Resorption: Case Study

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By: Dr. Chad Duplantis, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. Have you ever had a patient with tooth resorption? Here is a case study on my experience with it.


Dental Therapy Education Program in Washington State Receives Accreditation

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The dental therapy education program at Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon, Washington, recently received accreditation from the Commission on Dental Accreditation, which evaluates the nation’s dental education programs.


The Best Foods to Eat for Strong Teeth

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A healthy diet is important for a variety of reasons, including keeping your teeth strong and healthy. There are certain foods that are especially beneficial for oral health, and eating them on a regular basis can help keep your teeth in good shape.


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Go with the flow: Adding an associate dentist for practice growth

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Off the Cusp - Patterson Dental blog. Read Time: 5 Minute, 57 Second. Business in your dental practice is good, but you think it could be better.

World Health Organization Suggests the End of the Pandemic Is Near

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With more than 6 million deaths across the globe due to COVID-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) is urging countries to continue their efforts to fight the novel coronavirus as it acknowledges that the end of the pandemic is within reach.


How common is root canal treatment?

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This review of prevalence of root filled teeth in the adult population worldwide included 76 observational studies. The findings suggest that 8.2% (95%CI; 7.3% to 9.1%) of teeth has been root filled and that 55.7% (95%CI; 49.6% to 61.8%) of people had at least one tooth root filled.

[Re-osseointegration of a Dental Implant with Aseptic Loosening after Occlusal Correction: a Case Report]

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Swiss Dent J. 2022 Sep 5;132(9):599-606. Article in German] Philippe Biel 1 , Thomas Biel 2 , Vivianne Chappuis 1 , Clemens Raabe 1 Affiliations expand PMID: 36052964 Free article Abstract The preservation of osseointegration is fundamental for the long-term success of dental implants.

Are Wisdom Teeth Painful In Blackburn

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Jaw pain could be the first indication that your wisdom teeth are hurting. These teeth can be painful and sensitive when pushing through the gums. Although wisdom tooth pain occasionally goes away on its own, sometimes it requires aggressive home management, hospitalization, or dental surgery.

Dental Insurance Initiative to Appear on Massachusetts Ballot in November

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Massachusetts voters will consider an initiative on their November ballot that would require dental insurance companies to spend 83% or more of premiums on actual patient care, not administrative costs or taxes. Those companies that spend less than 83% will have to pay rebates to subscribers.

Stop Letting Dental Anxiety Keep You From Improving Your Smile

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4 Minute Read: . If you have been living with general or cosmetic dental concerns for any length of time but are avoiding treatment because of anxiety or a dental phobia, you may be putting more than your smile at risk.

3Shape Launches All-New TRIOS 5 Wireless Intraoral Scanner

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Caries prevention in older adults

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This review of the effectiveness of professionally applied fluoride therapy in preventing and arresting dental caries in older adults aged 60 years or above included 7 studies.


Water Fluoridation Found to be Safest Anticaries Strategy Available

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pixelfit / E+. The addition of fluoride into community water sources in the United States has reduced the development of caries in children and adults by about 25% over the past 75 years.


21 Essential HIPAA Dental Questions You Were Afraid To Ask

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Answers To 21 HIPAA Dental Questions You Were Afraid To Ask. Why HIPAA? Previous to HIPAA some employees would lose benefits when changing jobs. In 1996 HIPAA was originally signed into law to help solve this problem.

HeySmile brings a trailblazing vision to invisible orthodontics

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Planmeca Group is ready to make a mark in invisible orthodontics. HeySmile is a brand-new all-digital clear aligner system, which can flexibly adapt to the widest range of treatments, workflows, and tools.

Tips for Running a Successful Dentist Practice!

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There are many ways in which you can run a successful dentist practice, from providing quality service to maintaining a positive relationship with patients, there are a variety of ways in which you can be successful. Below we have listed some helpful tips to running a successful practice! .

Research Shows Medical-Dental Integration Improves Systemic Health

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A review conducted at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine has found that the overall health of vulnerable patients improved when they received care in a medical-dental integration model.


Top 3 Benefits of Legwork Software—Part 2: “Why Legwork” Series

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“Legwork has helped us lower overall costs, dramatically increase staff productivity, and improve the financial performance of our practice.” – Dr. David Richardson & Michelle Richardson, Kirkland Dentistry Family & Cosmetic .

Dental News and Technology - Untitled Article

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19 days of webinars are coming thanks to Dexis. Lots of great content from amazing speakers. I am presenting on Wednesday September 21 at 7PM EDT speaking on Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry. Go check out the topics and use the link below to sign up!


Infection prevention and control advice – Part 1


During the month of September we celebrate many special occasions such as the National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15), Suicide Prevention Week (Sept. 4-10) and International Chocolate Day (Sept 13). We also celebrate Dental Infection Control Awareness Month throughout September.

SurgiTel Releases New ErgoDeflection Loupes

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SurgiTel is proud to release the next generation ErgoDeflection loupes in October 2022. The issue with currently available deflection loupes is they are too steep and will cause clinicians to work too closely to the patient or have them leaning back in a non-ergonomic posture.


How Does Thumb-Sucking or Pacifier Use Affect the Bite?

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Alpharetta, GA – Watching your baby suck his thumb or a pacifier to calm himself can be heartwarming. True, there’s nothing more rewarding than finally getting your baby to sleep after an all-nighter and calming them down.

What Is the Importance of Professional Teeth Whitening?

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Teeth whitening is a popular procedure, that removes yellowness from the tooth, and gives you a dazzlingly bright smile. It is hard to find anyone who does not want a sheen smile. There are many countless ways to whiten your teeth. DIY home remedies are more popular.

Factors to Consider Before Getting Dental Implants

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If you have a failing tooth (or teeth), you may be wondering if a dental implant might be a workable solution for you. Implants take the place of your natural teeth. They are anchored to your jawbone , and topped with an artificial tooth.

Periodontal Manifestations of Neurofibromatosis

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Until recently, the relationship between genetic disorders and periodontal diseases was unclear.

Making Conservative Restorations More Accessible: Additive Dentistry and Your Practice


The post Making Conservative Restorations More Accessible: Additive Dentistry and Your Practice appeared first on 3M Dental Blog. Homepage Featured - NA Material Selection North America (ONLY) Patient Satisfaction Why Science Matters Direct Restorations


dntl bar Introduces AI to New York Dentistry with Pearl Partnership


Preliminary Study Finds Ergonomic Loupes Can Help Reduce Back and Neck Strain for Dental Practitioners

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Haifa, Israel – Admetec , a leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of custom-fitted magnification loupes for dentists, surgeons, veterinarians, and their staff, is collaborating with an Italy-based dental professor in her study of the ergonomic significance of the company’s Ergo Series of loupes. .

Study Launched to Investigate High Rate of HPV Infection Among Those With HIV

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While people living with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can enjoy long, healthy lives with today’s treatments, they still experience a much higher rate of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection than those without HIV, putting them at risk for oral cancer.

Bulk Fill composites: Considerations and keys to success


The post Bulk Fill composites: Considerations and keys to success appeared first on 3M Dental Blog. EMEA (ONLY) Homepage Featured - EMEA Material Selection Tips & Tricks Direct Restorations


Submit Your Questions for DEXIS Days!


Next Thursday evening, I'll be doing a Question and Answer Session as part of "DEXIS Days". I'd like to take this opportunity to request that if you have any questions on imaging, please send them in and I will make sure to get to them. This particular web broadcast is going to be really free form and conversational. It's your opportunity to get the answers to any burning questions you may have. As an attendee at a meeting I would sometimes go to learn one or 2 particular points and sometimes.


The End is Near! Chief of WHO States End of Pandemic is 'in sight'


Well that took long enough, didn't it? Seriously, we have been battling Covid-19 since the later weeks of 2019 and we will continue to battle for a bit longer it appears. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is responsible for the deaths of almost 6.5 million people. Those folks are parents, children, wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, you name it. This has been an incredibly frightening and sorrowful time in human history. Personally I am glad to see the optimism that perhaps we can begin to put this behind us.


California Dental Association Offers Practices Educational Resources for COVID-19 Vaccination

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The California Dental Association is now offering educational infographics and education resources on its website to encourage dental patients and dental team members to get vaccinated against COVID-19.