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Why Don’t Physicians Refer to Dentists?

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By: Teresa DeNike. There is growing evidence in the scientific literature that oral health is linked to the well-being of the rest of the body. A link has been found between poor sleep and periodontitis, with a shocking 36% increase in patients with chronic sleep loss; sleep apnea.

Dexis Days Are Coming- Join Me

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19 days of webinars are coming thanks to Dexis. Lots of great content from amazing speakers. I am presenting on Wednesday September 21 at 7PM EDT speaking on Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry. Go check out the topics and use the link below to sign up!


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How To Write A Dental Blog and Make It Rank On Google

Oral Health Group

Having an online presence boosts popularity and helps build the face of a business.

How to Clean Between Teeth with Braces (Beginners Guide)

The Super Dentists

According to Humana, over 4 million people in the U.S. are currently wearing braces to achieve a beautiful smile. While braces first and foremost aligns and straightens teeth, which can. Read More. The post How to Clean Between Teeth with Braces (Beginners Guide) appeared first on The Super Dentists.


Facial Asymmetries and Discrepancies, What Does it Mean?

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B y: Jeffrey W. Horowitz, DMD, FAGD, D-ABDSM, D-ASBA. Have you ever run into facial asymmetries and discrepancies during your time as a dentist? Here is a mini presentation on how I dealt with this. Facial Asymmetries and Discrepancies: Case Study.


Clinical performance of one shade universal composite resin and nanohybrid composite resin as full coronal esthetic restorations in primary maxillary incisors: A randomized controlled trial

Dental News and Technology

ORIGINAL ARTICLE Year : 2022 | Volume : 40 | Issue : 2 | Page : 159-164 Background: Strip crowns are the first treatment of choice for restoring anterior teeth affected with early childhood caries. However, shade matching of resin composites is still an issue.


Webinar Recording: We Got Hacked! How To Prevent Your Facebook Page From Being Hacked, Like Ours Did

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How To Prevent Your Facebook Page From Being Hacked Like Ours Did. On July 11th, hackers got into our Facebook page. They used our credit cards, removed admins, reassigned job descriptions and permissions, deleted emails and phone numbers, and started running weight loss ads.

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Threads of my white coat


They say it takes a village to raise a child. I believe my journey to obtaining my white coat is a testament to that. I come from a family of healthcare professionals. All of my relatives had a career in this line of work, from dentistry to medicine to nursing.


GP Patient Survey Dental Statistics; January to March 2022, England

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14 July 2022 GP Patient Survey Dental Statistics Statistics GP Patient Survey Dental Statistics; January to March 2022, England In January to March 2022, 2.5 million adults were asked about their views on NHS dentistry as part of the GP Patient Survey.


Monkeypox Is Found Across All 50 States

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

Monkeypox—which public health officials initially thought could be contained—has now spread to all 50 states. On August 22, Wyoming became the last state to report its first case.


Most Powerful Denticon Features for DSOs and Group Practices — Part 2: “Why Denticon?” Series

Planet DDS

In part two of this multi-part series, we’ll be discussing seven important features within Denticon Practice Management Software that enable dental organizations to standardize, centralize, and grow their practices.?? .

Teeth sensitivity: Understand the causes and how to address them to build patient trust

Off the Cusp

Off the Cusp - Patterson Dental blog. Read Time: 4 Minute, 12 Second. Dentin hypersensitivity or sensitive teeth is one of the most common complaints from dental patients. In fact, a 2013 survey found that 1 in 8 adults may suffer from sensitive teeth.

Carestream files for bankruptcy

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August 23, 2022 -- Carestream Health has voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as part of the final phase of the company's planned recapitalization process.


Happy National Tooth Fairy Day!

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Twice per year—on August 22 and February 28—we celebrate the excitement of children losing their primary teeth with National Tooth Fairy Day.


Summer Break

The Dental Elf

The Dental Elf is taking a short ‘summer’ break and will be back on the 5th September. The post Summer Break appeared first on National Elf Service. Dentistry


Get Your Bright Smile Back with Teeth Whitening

Broomfield Dentists / MountainAire

If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, you are not alone. Many people feel self-conscious about their teeth because they are not as white as they would like them to be. Thankfully, there is a solution: teeth whitening.

Vivos Announces 4th Annual Breathing Wellness Conference in Cancún, Mexico, with Full Slate of World-Renowned Speakers

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LITTLETON, COLORADO—AUGUST 8, 2022—Vivos Therapeutics, Inc. NASDAQ: VVOS) (“Vivos”) is excited to announce the fourth annual Breathing Wellness Conference, which will take place Oct. 26–29, 2022, at the Hilton Hotel in Cancún, Mexico.

Dental Practices Continue to Struggle With Labor Shortage

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

With research conducted jointly by the American Dental Hygienists’ Association and the American Dental Association reporting that approximately 8% of dental hygienists left the field for good during the pandemic, many dental practices are struggling to fill key positions on their teams.

Universal resin cements: In vitro studies as a predictor of their bonding potential


The post Universal resin cements: In vitro studies as a predictor of their bonding potential appeared first on 3M Dental Blog. Homepage Featured - NA Material Selection North America (ONLY) Productivity & Profitability Why Science Matters Direct Restorations


Learn About Common Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Gilreath Dental

Are you dissatisfied with how your teeth look? Are you self-conscious about your smile? If so, you may be interested in cosmetic dentistry procedures. Cosmetic dental treatments can improve the look of your teeth, giving you a more beautiful smile that can last for years.

Patient-reported outcome measures and clinical performance of implant-retained mandibular overdentures with stud and ball attachments: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Dental News and Technology

Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry Published: August 03, 2022 DOI: [link] Abstract Statement of problem Evidence regarding the retention system for a mandibular overdenture is important for treatment planning.


A Look at Peri-Implant Disease Classification

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

SUBSCRIBE TO THE PERIO UPDATE NEWSLETTER HERE. Implant therapy is often the treatment of choice when it comes to addressing tooth loss. And for the most part, it is quite successful. However, as dental hygienists are well aware, some implants fail.

Creating More Value For Patients

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And more revenue for your practice When it comes to physical health, the mouth is the gateway. What goes in affects the whole body, which is not something patients always realize.

5 Dental Treatments That Can Help You With Smile Makeover In Blackburn

Healthy Smiles

No one can stop the force from claiming a brilliant smile. It has the power to astound some individuals, open professional and personal doors, and may even put you on the front lines of someone’s psyche. A smile makeover can do remarkable things to improve the importance of your smile.

Henry Schein Announces $400 Million Increase to Share Repurchase Plan

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MELVILLE, N.Y.--( BUSINESS WIRE )--Henry Schein, Inc.

Dental Startup Receives Another Round of Funding

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

Venture capitalists recently invested $14.7 million into Flossy, a dental startup, bringing its total funding to more than $17 million. The company is hoping to address the high cost of both oral healthcare and dental insurance, improving access for those who can’t afford it.

Supplementing Your Employer-Provided Group Disability Insurance

The Big Brush

Disability income insurance provides you with replacement income in the event that you are unable to work due to an injury or illness. This policy may help financially support you and your family during your recovery. Disability Income Insurance Tips

Most Powerful Denticon Features — Part 2: “Why Denticon?” Series

Planet DDS

In part two of this multi-part series, we’ll be discussing seven important features within Denticon Practice Management Software that enable dental organizations to standardize, centralize, and grow their practices.?? .

Carestream Dental is not in bankruptcy

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Dear Valued Customer, You may be aware that Carestream Health, not affiliated with Carestream Dental, this week announced a restructuring plan to include voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing for its US operation. As a valued customer, we want to reassure you that this in no way impacts Carestream Dental—we are a separate company and have been operating independently since we officially separated on Sept. 1, 2017.

Revamped COVID-19 Booster Shot May Be Available by Labor Day

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

A redesigned COVID-19 vaccine that is thought to provide better protection against the Omicron variants may be available by Labor Day weekend.


The First Superbold Podcast Features Author Tucker Max

Go Ask Fred

I’m launching a podcast to go with my latest book, Superbold, and my first guest is none other than bestselling author Tucker Max.

Early Implant Failure and Vitamin D Deficiency

Central Ohio Periodontics

Vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide public health problem and epidemiological studies today show that approximately 70% of the population is deficient. Sunlight exposure is a major source of vitamin D, with only few foods that naturally contain sufficient levels. Lack of sunlight in the northern U.S. especially during winter) and increasing number of desk-related/indoor jobs has resulted in further deficient state.

BroadcastMed Acquires AEGIS Dental Network

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FARMINGTON, Conn., 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- BroadcastMed, the world's most innovative healthcare media company has acquired AEGIS Dental Network, expanding its audience of healthcare professionals with the addition of 400k dental clinicians to its existing membership of 1.7+million

Oral Bacteria Diversity Linked to Oral Hygiene Habits

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, periodontal diseases impact nearly half of adults ages 30 years and older in US. About 9% of adults experience periodontitis, a leading cause of tooth loss.

Vacaville Dental Care: How Smiling Can Impact Your Overall Health and Wellness

Vacaville Dental Professionals

Did you know that the simple act of smiling and the health of your teeth can have an impact on your overall health and wellness? From improving the well-being of your body to increasing your self-confidence, our Vacaville dentist lists out some of the ways your smile impacts your body overall. The Oral-Systemic Health Connection. When you think about your overall health, you probably don’t think about your teeth.


Which active ingredient in toothpaste does not have a remineralizing effect?


The post Which active ingredient in toothpaste does not have a remineralizing effect? appeared first on 3M Dental Blog. EMEA (ONLY) Why Science Matters Brain Of The Week


Carestream Takes Next Step to Implement Previously Announced Recapitalization


Files Voluntary Chapter 11 Petitions and Prepackaged Plan of Reorganization; Company Expects to Complete Court-Supervised Process in 35-45 Days Carestream to Continue Operating and Serving Customers as Normal What follows below is a press release. It seems that Carestream has continued to fall on hard times. Back in the day this was Kodak's medical division. They sold more medical grade film than anyone else on the planet, but they refused to adapt when the digital came along.