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Tech Neck is Even More Pronounced in Dental Professionals – Preventing Poor Posture

Oral Health Group

Tech neck, a layman’s term for the onset of muscular pain and disorders stemming from modern smart device and computer usage, is a big problem for dental professionals.

Practice Builder: Dental Patient Recall Strategies for the Summer Season (Or Anytime You Want to Fill Your Schedule)

Planet DDS

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy…” [1] That’s the goal…right? It would be great if your dental patient recall strategy could catch that “easy” summer vibe! Who says it can’t? But let’s face it. It’s not necessarily your vibe that’s the concern. Your patients can feel it too.


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How to Plan for the Future (as a New Dentist)

The Big Brush

Planning for the future is important, and it's a big part of the life and work of a dentist. Understanding what you can consider for your future, and what to plan for in the early phases of your career, can make it much easier for you to accomplish more. Financial Planning


Eliminating No-Shows and Cancellations at Dental Office


Reducing patient no-shows and cancellations begins by accepting that it’s impossible to guarantee that your patients will always keep their appointments.

How to Create an Effective Drip Email Campaign

Identity Dental

As a dentist or dental office manager, it is difficult to keep track of patient interactions and market your services. Emails can be an effective way to accomplish all these elements. In particular, a drip email campaign communicates the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Now is the time to prepare for the student rush

Dr. Bicuspid

What we used to think of as typical returning dates for college students is not true anymore. As the mother of two college students, Lynne Leggett breaks down why now is the time to make sure you have your students scheduled for their regular checkups.

What Are The Dangers of Fluoride Ingestion?

Ask The Dentist

Today we dive into a question that has been a sensitive topic for a long time. We are talking about the dangers of fluoride and providing some advice for the best practices for parents wondering about steps to take to prevent their children from ingesting the chemical.

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Post Malone Drops $1.6 Mil on Diamond Canines

Dental News and Technology

Post Malone got some porcelain veneers framed with 2 diamond Canines The dental work included 28 units of ceramic restorations and the 2 diamonds amount to a total weight of 12 carats

U.S. files COVID-19 whistleblower suit against Texas dentists

Dr. Bicuspid

The U.S. Department of Labor is suing a Texas dental practice and its owners on behalf of two employees who claim they were retaliated against for reporting COVID-19 safety concerns, according to a department release issued July 15.


The Hard Truth: 5 Reasons Aspiring Dental KOLs Fail to Make a Memorable Impression

Identity Dental

Many dentists, dental speakers, and consultants are determined to achieve personal brand recognition as key opinion leaders. They may be charismatic figures with truly groundbreaking ideas, but don’t make the grade when it comes to building and leveraging a following on social media.

Dental Local Search Marketing Services: 101

My Social Practice

Dental local search marketing services are more important than ever to dental practices looking to grow their business.

Texas governor ends teledentistry ban

Dental News and Technology

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill June 18 formally ending a ban on teledentistry in Texas. The bill, HB 2056, is effective Sept. Some sections of the insurance code take effect Jan. 1, 2022. The law prevents the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners from prohibiting teledentistry. The new law follows a lawsuit filed by the Pacific Legal Foundation and bipartisan calls for reform, according to The Center Square

Advocacy group decries using mouth lock for weight loss

Dr. Bicuspid

An oral weight-loss dental device that locks the jaw to force users onto a liquid-only diet is drawing fire from an advocacy group that said it promotes a "starvation diet" and is adding to the "shame and stigma" already surrounding weight loss.

Medical Bills Overwhelm Many Americans Post-COVID-19

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

More than 30 million Americans have recovered from COVID-19 infection and now the bills are coming due.

Increase Your Dental Practice Valuation

Patient News

The ADA reports that dental-patient volume continues to pace at about 85% of pre-pandemic levels, while Patient NEWS dental marketing clients are at 115% of pre-covid numbers.

Postoperative pain after use of the WaveOne Gold and XP-endo Shaper systems: a randomized clinical trial

Dental News and Technology

[link] ABSTRACT Introduction The present study aimed to clinically compare the incidence of postoperative pain after endodontic treatment of posterior teeth using the WaveOne Gold (WOG; Dentsply Sirona, Ballaigues, Switzerland) and XP-endo Shaper (XPES; FKG Dentaire, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland) systems.

Why oral health should be considered a priority in athletes

Dr. Bicuspid

With the Olympics debuting later this month, it's the perfect time to stop and reflect on the importance of oral health for peak athletic performance. In this piece, Martijn Verhulst, PhD, explores the key ways dental health affects both elite and amateur athletes.


North Carolina Dental Hygienists Spearhead Oral Health Initiative

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

A team of 21 frontline public dental hygienists working to address oral health inequalities across North Carolina has been instrumental in creating and implementing a state-wide plan that addresses the needs of their most vulnerable patients. .

Same Day Dental Restoration: CEREC Same Day Crowns 

Broomfield Dentists / MountainAire

Dental restorations are designed to restore your smile to optimum health and function — but can it be done in one day? At Mountain Aire Dentistry, we offer CEREC same day crowns. With this treatment, you can receive your customized, natural-looking restoration in just one visit to our office.

An up to 43-year longitudinal study of fixed prosthetic restorations retained with 4-META/MMA-TBB resin cement or zinc phosphate cement

Dental News and Technology

The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry Available online 24 June 2021 In Press, Corrected Proof What are Corrected Proof articles? Abstract Statement of problem Adhesive resin cement has been the preferred choice for the placement of prosthetic restorations, but evidence-based studies supporting this selection are sparse.

Leadership, purpose are the core of dental practices today

Dr. Bicuspid

The pandemic made it clear that the culture of leadership today must encompass compassion, safety, and resiliency. Dr. James Anderson discusses how you can embrace these traits so your practice and team thrive.

Breath-Based COVID-19 Tests Are on the Horizon

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

While the use of a breathalyzer to determine an individual’s blood alcohol level is common knowledge, what about utilizing such a device to test someone for COVID-19?


Dental Impressions That Won’t Make You Gag

Gilreath Dental

If you need a dental restoration, such as a crown, an impression must be taken of your teeth so that the most precise product can be fabricated for your smile. In the past, this impression included biting down on a tray of gooey dental cement.


Exploring the different ways to pursue research after dental school


Residency isn’t the only way we can shape our future careers. Post-dental school plans aren’t limited to AEGD programs, GPRs and specialties; there’s also the potential to work on developing research skills.


Second Opinion: Don't forget about this honor society

Dr. Bicuspid

In her June article, contributing writer Dr. Teresa Yang named four of the most distinguished dental honor societies. In this follow-up piece, Dr. Dan Ninan profiles one more premier honor society, the Academy of Dentistry International.


Belgian Woman Contracted Two Different COVID-19 Variants Simultaneously

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

In the first ever known case of a person contracting two strains at the same time, a Belgian woman in her 90s came down with both the Alpha and Beta variants of COVID-19 in March, and later died due to COVID-19 illness.


5 Ways GreenLight Dental Compliance Center by Hu-Friedy Can Benefit Your Practice

Off the Cusp

Off the Cusp - Patterson Dental blog. Share. Tweet. Share. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a sobering reminder that as dental healthcare professionals, we all play an important role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

The Company Behind the Product | Part 4 of the Why XWeb Series

Planet DDS

In this series, we’ve talked about the benefits of XVWeb, the cost of ownership for imaging software and revealed some surprising facts about the conversion process. In our series finale, we’re sharing about the company behind the XVWeb product. Committed to Helping You Reach Your Goals Faster.

Drug overdose deaths soar 30% during the pandemic

Dr. Bicuspid

Drug overdose deaths in the U.S. climbed nearly 30% in 2020, according to preliminary data released on July 14 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The 93,331 deaths last year represent the highest number of overdose deaths ever during a 12-month period.


Diabetes Is Main Risk Factor for Quickly Advancing COVID-19 Illness

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

Japanese researchers have discovered that the presence of diabetes seems to be the most significant indicator of rapidly progressing COVID-19 disease. The study included more than 100 patients who were hospitalized for mild COVID-19 illness; more than half presented with type 2 diabetes.


Placing Posterior Composite: Paving the Way to Restorative Success


The post Placing Posterior Composite: Paving the Way to Restorative Success appeared first on 3M Dental Blog. Homepage Featured - NA North America (ONLY) Patient Satisfaction Productivity & Profitability Tips & Tricks Direct Restorations


VOCO's VisCalor Bulk Continues to Impress


I wanted to make a post today to bring readers up to speed on my continuing work with VisCalor Bulk from VOCO. I began working with the material in October or November of 2020. I had always been a fan of heated composite. I had been using the Calset device from Addent for at least 15 years.


Second Opinion: Why isn't dentistry considered essential?

Dr. Bicuspid

What will it take to get dentistry recognized as essential to U.S. healthcare? Dr. Fred S. Ferguson explores the steps the dental industry can take to boost its value to the larger medical ecosystem in this thought-provoking and multifaceted piece.


J&J’s COVID-19 Vaccine Raises Risk of Guillain–Barré Syndrome

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

While the risk remains very low, an investigation into federal vaccine data found that individuals who had received the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) one-shot COVID-19 vaccination had a three times to five times higher risk of developing Guillain–Barré syndrome than those who had not received the immunization.


One Dentist’s Journey from Chairside to the Stage to the Classroom

Go Ask Fred

This week Fred interviews his longtime friend Dr. Mark Hyman, a highly successful dentist and renowned speaker, who has now retired from dentistry and teaches at the Adams School at UNC.

Here We Go …

Nomi Says

Here we go … . Forced into a new life, a choice made by another. My life as I knew it was suddenly ripped from my grasp in what appeared to be a spiraling mid life crisis. One that lasted for at least four years.


Dental Practice Made Simple: Scheduling capacity

Dr. Bicuspid

Cutting just 10 minutes of time per hour can lead to years of extra production time in the long run, explains Dr. Roger P. Levin in the latest episode of Dental Practice Made Simple. That means reducing the time it takes to become financially independent or retire.