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Understanding Occupational Stress Among Oral Health Practitioners

Oral Health Group

Oral health practitioners experience a significant amount of occupational stress from the time they start studying towards their chosen qualifications.


Oral appliance-generated malocclusion traits during the long-term management of obstructive sleep apnea in adults

Dental News and Technology

Angle Orthod. 2021 Dec 20. doi: 10.2319/041921-316.1. Online ahead of print. Abstract Objectives: To identify malocclusion characteristics generated after using oral appliances (OAs) for at least 5 years for the management of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in adults.


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Buying a dental practice for those having the stamina and intensity level to do so

Dentistry Gone Digital

By: Bruce Bryen, CPA/CVA. Now that the dental school graduate has gone from new hire/associate to a somewhat more experienced dentist, he or she may feel ready to buy a dental practice, either an existing office or to “start up” a new one.

The 3 Most Important Ages for Kids to Visit the Dentist

The Super Dentists

When do kids start going to the dentist? It’s a great question – and one we hear frequently here at The Super Dentists. We’re the #1 pediatric dentistry in the. Read More. The post The 3 Most Important Ages for Kids to Visit the Dentist appeared first on The Super Dentists. Patient Education

Vacaville Dental Resolutions for the New Year

Vacaville Dental Professionals

Great oral care can help you keep your smile healthy for life. And it isn’t as hard as you think!

Comparison of two resilient attachment systems for implant-/mucosa-supported overdentures with a PEKK framework: a clinical pilot study

Dental News and Technology

Original Article Published: 21 December 2021 Clinical Oral Investigations ( 2021 ) Objectives The aim of the study was to determine differences between Locator and CM LOC attachment systems regarding patient satisfaction and wear of the abutments and their inserts.


Top 5 Dental Student Loan Mistakes

Dentistry Gone Digital

Dental school is a hard, lengthy process, but worth it. You want to make sure that you set your self up for sucess right out of the gate. 5 Dental Student Loan Mistakes to Avoid. Here are the top 5 mistakes that Dental Students make regardding their loans: Borrowing more than you need.

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7 Brilliant Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists

My Social Practice

If you’re an orthodontist, you know that it’s no simple task to find new orthodontic patients. So, how do busy and successful orthodontists fill their schedules? What are the best marketing strategies for orthodontists ? 7 Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists.

The effect of various fluoride products on dentine lesions during pH-cycling

Dental News and Technology

Caries Research Research Article Early View (accepted, unedited manuscript) [link] Abstract This study compared the effect of topically applied fluoride products on dentine lesions in an in vitro experiment.


Happy Dental Marketing New Year!

Patient News

Well, it’s 2022, 22 years after the start of the new millennium. At Patient NEWS, in 1999, we were excited because we added silver to our then two-color newsletters and watched the clock for the Internet to break at midnight! That was just a bad rumor, but it was the chatter at the end of 1999!

Dental Resolutions for the New Year

Secure Smiles

Great oral care can help you keep your smile healthy for life. And it isn’t as hard as you think!

Have You Been Screened for Oral Cancer this Year?

Gilreath Dental

Is oral cancer on your radar? According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, one person dies in the United States every hour due to oral cancer. At Gilreath Family Dentistry, we urge patients not to wait until they experience multiple symptoms of oral cancer, as it can often be too late.


Dental Patient Stops Armed Robbers

Dental News and Technology


Commonly Used Medications May Negatively Interact With New COVID-19 Pills

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

The use of statins, blood thinners, and antidepressants is ubiquitous across the United States; however, these drugs may pose risks when taken in conjunction with the new antiviral medications that treat COVID-19.


Extending the Life of a Dental Handpiece: Maintenance Tips and More

Off the Cusp

Off the Cusp - Patterson Dental blog. Share. Tweet. Share. Read Time: 5 Minute, 51 Second. Dental handpieces are among the most important and versatile tools used in dental practices today. According to Reports and Data , the dental handpiece market is forecast to reach $2.14 billion by 2027.

Local Search & Map Pack Upset – What Google’s ‘Vicinity Update Means for Your Dental Practice

We Speak Dental

The Most Dramatic Update Since 2017. The most recent Google algorithm update, termed the ‘Vicinity Update,’ was officially rolled out on December 8 th and, without a doubt, this is the most dramatic rankings change we’ve seen since the Hawk update of 2017.

The Secret to Healthy Gums

The Super Dentists

Great oral health starts with the gums. While most people focus on the teeth, gums are just as important – in many ways, even more critical, since they hold the. Read More. The post The Secret to Healthy Gums appeared first on The Super Dentists. Dental Health Recent Blogs


Heart and Lungs Impacted Shortly After SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

Research from the National Institutes of Health shows that not only can the novel coronavirus last for months within human organs, it can infect the heart and lungs within days of initial infection.


Choose Cosmetic Dentistry in the New Year

Broomfield Dentists / MountainAire

The New Year is a great time to make some changes in your life. Why not start with cosmetic dentistry? This is an excellent way to improve your smile and also help you feel more confident about yourself.

The dentist’s role in managing trigeminal neuralgia


Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic pain condition that can result in inexplicable and spontaneous pain in the areas innervated by all three branches of the trigeminal nerve.

5 Considerations When Choosing a Dental Practice Name

The Big Brush

Your dental practice’s name is an important part of your business, so while deciding on it may feel difficult, it gives you the opportunity to create a brand that people are excited to support. Dental Practice Business Tips


Sleep Appliance Therapy May Help Delay Cognitive Decline

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

gece33 / E+. While sleep plays an essential role in regulating brain health by removing the waste material and toxins that accumulate, breathing issues—including snoring and obstructive sleep apnea—can disrupt the sleep process.


WSJ Reports: How Consumers Really Use Online Reviews

Best Online Marketing Companies for Dentists

As you might remember from the “ Why Your Online Reputation Matters ” article, online reviews are key to converting website viewers into patients.

Does Drinking More Water Protect Your Teeth

Healthy Smiles

You may already brush your teeth, floss every day, and have regular dental check-ups to safeguard your dental health. However, you might not understand that drinking water has a number of practical benefits that might help you enhance your oral health.

Here's Why Starting Your Child's Dental Visits by Age 1 Is a Smart Idea

Coshocton Dental

As parents, we want to do everything possible to help our kids stay healthy—and that includes their teeth. And just like other aspects of their health, it's better not to go at dental care alone.


A New Tool Is Added to the COVID-19 Armamentarium

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

The United States Food and Drug Administration has given the green light to a pill, made by Pfizer, designed to treat COVID-19. The oral antiviral medication is the first of its kind to gain approval for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy Time with Family & Friends - I'll Be Back Next Week


As I usually do at this time of year. I am taking this week off to spend time with loved ones and to recharge the creative batteries. IF there is something Earth shattering that occurs in the next few days, I'll be here to report and give my take on it, but barring anything that is hugely tech or news worthy, I'll be taking a bit of 'Blog Vacation'. Thanks to all of you that read and support me. You guys and gals mean more to me than I can tell you.


Do We Need to Change Our Thinking About COVID-19 Metrics?

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

As COVID-19’s Omicron variant rages through the United States, with surging cases across almost every region, some public health experts suggest that steeply rising case numbers are no longer the best way to evaluate the status of the global pandemic.


Is Shortening Isolation/Quarantine Time the Right Move in the Pandemic Fight?

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

On December 27, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that the isolation time required after an asymptomatic COVID-19 infection and quarantine time needed after exposure to a person with COVID-19 be shortened from 10 days to 5 days.


Biofilm Testing Supports Cost-Effective Assessment of Caries Therapies

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

alfexe / iStock / Getty Images Plus. In a development that may support cost-effective research into caries management techniques, a joint Canadian/Brazilian team has validated a method that uses saliva-based dental biofilm to simulate the formation of dental plaque and caries.


Some Dental Practices Increase Fees in Response to Pandemic

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

A poll conducted by the American Dental Association Health Policy Institute found that one in four dentists will raise treatment fees due to the financial hardships endured during the COVID-19 pandemic.