Tue.May 11, 2021

How to Avoid Fluoride

Ask The Dentist

Oral health is about so much more than cavities. It is linked to our overall health, and there are ties between a lack of oral health and chronic health struggles later in life. Fluoride is a controversial topic, and in today’s episode, Dr. B talks about this prevalent neurotoxin.


Dental biofilm of symptomatic COVID-19 patients harbors SARS-CoV-2

Dental News and Technology

J Clin Periodontol. 2021 Apr 25. doi: 10.1111/jcpe.13471. Online ahead of print. Abstract Aims: SARS-CoV-2 RNA has been recovered from different sites in the human body, including the mouth.


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1 in 16 dental hygienists still not working due to COVID-19

Dr. Bicuspid

Approximately 6% of dental hygienists who had been employed were not working as of March -- a slight improvement over the prior few months, according to a webinar hosted by the ADA and the American Dental Hygienists' Association on May 4.

India’s Deadly COVID-19 Surge May Be Tied to a New Variant

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

India is facing a daunting COVID-19 crisis with a huge increase in number of cases and deaths amid dwindling resources. Part of India’s pandemic problem may be due to the emergence of a new variant: B.1.617.


Protecting your practice when employees say no to the shot

Dr. Bicuspid

Many practices are struggling to find the balance between protecting staff and patients against COVID-19 and respecting employees' perspectives on vaccination. What can you do, and what should you do, when a member of your team refuses the vaccine?


Dental Practice Growth and Leadership Summit

Coaches Corner

Dental Practice Growth and Leadership Summit Webinar. Three incredible dentists who had their BEST YEAR EVER in 2020! Dr. Steven Rasner | “Six Steps To Total Practice Success!”. Overcoming obstacles like the pandemic is nothing new to Dr. Rasner.

Axsys Dental's 5x400 Mill Continues to Impress


Dental mills have come a long way since their invention. When I first go into doing CAD/CAM dentistry, it was the age of CEREC 2. That unit booted from a *floppy disk* and used a diamond coated wheel and a cylinder bur to create the restorations. Times have sure changed.