Fri.Jun 11, 2021

How to Build Social Media Demand Through Facebook Live

Identity Dental

Facebook Live is an effective tool to increase awareness of your dental practice. Going live regularly engages viewers with original content for much longer than a typical post. It presents a unique opportunity to educate patients, build brand awareness, and generate new patient leads.

Comparison of cephalometric measurements between conventional and automatic cephalometric analysis using convolutional neural network

Dental News and Technology

Published: 31 May 2021 Progress in Orthodontics volume 22 , Article number: 14 ( 2021 ) Abstract Objective The rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies for medical imaging has recently enabled automatic identification of anatomical landmarks on radiographs.


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Turn Your Patients into Practice Ambassadors with At-Home Video Testimonials

Identity Dental

In just a few clicks, your satisfied patients can become practice ambassadors and help you grow. Collecting video testimonials is a fast, easy, and affordable way. Seeing real people extoll your skills makes a powerful impression on prospective patients.

What you need to know about at-home teeth whiteners

Dr. Bicuspid

Stroll down the dental aisle at your local grocery store and you'll see an array of products promising to whiten your teeth. It's enough to cause decision paralysis, writes Dr. Teresa Yang. In this article, she breaks down the effectiveness of three over-the-counter whitening products.

Video Ads Can Position You as an Expert

Identity Dental

Video has become the most popular form of social media advertising. It engages the emotions and builds trust far more effectively than two-dimensional ads. According to a recent* survey, 74 percent of marketers say video has a better return on investment than flat ads.

Observing rudeness while burned out equals dental errors

Dr. Bicuspid

Witnessing rude behavior while feeling burned out may affect the mechanical skills of dental students, resulting in critical errors, according to a study published on June 6 in the Journal of Dental Education. Read more on Related Reading: Twitter can be useful for dental education. 'We


How to Stop Clenching to Prevent Gum Recession

Ask The Dentist

For today’s episode, we are focusing on clenching, looking at some of the root causes, risk factors, and links to gum recession. This is an important and complex topic that comes up a lot in dental work, with some notable progress being made in understanding it in recent decades.

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COVID-19 Deaths Plummet Except Among the Unvaccinated

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

While hundreds of Americans still die each day due to COVID-19, the overall death rate has dropped 90% since its height in January 2021. However, people who are unvaccinated remain the most vulnerable to severe morbidity and mortality due to novel coronavirus infection.


Ten Things A Dentist Should Never Say!

Coaches Corner

Ten Things A Dentist Should Never Say! Dr. Rich has visited hundreds if not thousands of dental practices, and in this episode he shares ten things he has actually heard many dentists say – that should NEVER be said!

Study Reveals COVID-19 Pathway From the Oral Cavity to Lungs

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

Periodontal disease and poor oral hygiene may be a more accurate predictor for COVID-19 severity than other risk factors, a study has found. This research suggests mouthrinse use and simple oral hygiene practices can reduce the risk of transmission from the patient’s oral cavity to the lungs. .

Your New Porcelain Veneers Can Last and Look Great a Long Time

Coshocton Dental

Dental veneers are a popular way to improve teeth with chips, stains, gaps or other defects. They're typically made of dental porcelain, ceramic-like materials prized for their ability to mimic the texture, color and translucency of natural teeth.