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Why You Need to Tell Congress "No" to a Dental Benefit in Medicare Part B

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Top Key Performance Indicators for Your Dental Practice


The core philosophy behind tracking KPIs at a dental practice is simple and straightforward. You get to improve only what you measure. As you continue to grow, you will begin to appreciate the importance of data and metrics that aid you to monitor, track and improve practice performance.


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Survey shows global snapshot of oral health

Dr. Bicuspid

A new survey presents a global snapshot of oral health, revealing everything from which country has the best brushing habits to which reports the most dental issues. The findings were published in a report by oral healthcare company Sunstar on September 8.


MouthWatch Publishes Important Whitepaper - “How Teledentistry is Delivering ROI and Driving Post-Pandemic Practice Success”

Dental News and Technology

4 ways to help patients hear the positive

Dr. Bicuspid

There won't be a reset button to the prepandemic normal, which is why it's essential to make patients feel welcome and safe within the practice walls. Dr. James V. Anderson gives his tips to help you positively communicate a message of safety to patients.

After a Significant Decline, COVID-19 Moves to Third Leading Cause of Death in the US

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene

In December 2020, COVID-19 was the third leading cause of death in the United States with heart disease and cancer filling the top two spots, respectively. In July 2021, COVID plummeted to the eighth leading cause of death as mass vaccination efforts mobilized across the nation.


Is Lip Lift Worth Correcting Gummy Smiles in Blackburn?

Healthy Smiles

Many people are worried about Gummy Smile. They want to get rid of it, however, they don’t know how. Some people have the Gummy Smile, but they don’t notice it by themselves because they don’t know what a gummy smile is.

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MouthWatch Publishes Important Whitepaper - “How Teledentistry is Delivering ROI and Driving Post-Pandemic Practice Success”


Plaque Removal is the Top Priority for Preventing or Treating Gum Disease

Coshocton Dental

Tooth loss is often the unfortunate conclusion to a case of untreated periodontal (gum) disease—incentive enough to try either to prevent it or aggressively treat an infection should it occur. In either case, the objective is the same: to remove all plaque from dental surfaces.

Does Your Curing Light Pass the Test?


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